How do I keep Windows Vista from changing my desktop position and resolution settings?

  MarciaMalory 09:45 24 Aug 2014

I recently purchased a new Acer monitor and my desktop is displaying moved all the way over to the left, past the edge of the screen, so the right side of the task bar (date, etc.) is cut off and I can't see the maximize/minimize buttons when I'm using a program in full screen mode. Part of the start button on the left and part of some of the icons on the left are also cut off.

I have been able to fix this, temporarily, by fiddling with the resolution and the desktop position, using the Nvidia control panel.

However, for the past few days, every time I shut down my PC, the settings revert to default and I have to go through the process all over again every day.

I have also changed the color display settings, and Windows leaves those alone.

How do I keep Windows Vista from resetting the desktop position and resolution settings, so I don't have to adjust them every time I turn on my computer?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:10 24 Aug 2014

You probably have to adjust the monitor settings on the monitor itself.

there should be eithr buttons at the bottom of the monitor or a single button that puts you into a menu - select horizontal positioning (or words to that effect).

  MarciaMalory 10:35 24 Aug 2014

Thanks, but I have set the horizontal position on my monitor Menu all the way to 0. The display is still cut off.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:19 24 Aug 2014

I agree with Jock - it sounds very much like the monitor's using the wrong driver. If you don't have a driver CD then you can download it from here. Post back if you don't know how to install a monitor driver.

  MarciaMalory 12:50 24 Aug 2014

Thanks. I have gotten as far as extracting the files and using actions/checkout as instructed by WinZip. what do I have to do to actually install?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:58 24 Aug 2014

Here you go Marcia:

Monitor Driver Installation in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Reboot your PC when done. Hope it helps.

  MarciaMalory 13:46 24 Aug 2014

Thanks. I tried installing the driver and received a message that I have the latest driver software, but the display still reverts to the old settings when I restart.

FYI, the first time this happened was during a Windows update, before that everything was working normally, so I assumed it would happen only when there are updates, but now it is happening every time I start my PC.

  Secret-Squirrel 14:03 24 Aug 2014

"......received a message that I have the latest driver software..."

What monitor now shows in Device Manager? If it's not your Acer monitor then the driver you downloaded from the Acer site wasn't installed so try again with these instructions that may work better. Scroll down to step #12 in the [Installing files: Windows Vista] section.

  MarciaMalory 17:24 24 Aug 2014

Thank you! It seems to be fixed now. Windows was blocking the Driver file because it came from an external source. I had to unblock it, and then everything worked.

  MarciaMalory 09:36 25 Aug 2014

Hold on a minute. Not fixed after all. Yesterday, I uploaded the driver, restarted the PC and the display came up perfectly.

However, when I turned on my PC this morning, after it was off all night, the display was shifted all the way to the left again.

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