How do i install windows 7 64 bit over 32 bit?

  cromwell123 17:46 20 Sep 2012

I purchased a copy of windows 7 and it came with two cds,i installed the 32 bit first as that is what was on my pc,(xp),i realised i could install the 64 bit as my machine was capable having 4gig of ram,but i am not able to install it,when i press setup on screen a window pops up saying it cant be done and to contact the publisher(or similar)i am fairly new to computing and i am out of my depth,thanks .

  lotvic 19:49 20 Sep 2012

You can't install windows 7 64 bit over 32 bit. You can't launch the 64bit setup from within 32bit.

You have to start from scratch and boot from the 64bit DVD and do a clean install. If there are any files you want to save you will have to move them off to an ext drive or you will lose them.

  rdave13 20:18 20 Sep 2012

Run double driver first to copy all your drivers. Personally I would only copy non Windows drivers and not copy your graphics drivers. The last two will be installed via updates. Copy all your documents, emails (if not web based) and your browsers bookmarks/favourites along with the usual (music, photos etc. to disc. You can do this on a USB flash drive or CD/DVD. I prefer CD/DVD. Insert Win 7 64-bit disc, cancel the loading of it, reboot and either go to bios or tap an F5 or possibly F8 key to select temporary boot order. Boot from CD when you get the "PRESS ANY KEY TO BOOT FROM CD" showing when booting. Forget the difference between CD and DVD here. Check your manual for how to get to temporary boot order. If you only had a digital manual on XP then, if you haven't saved that for your mobo you'll have to search for it.

  cromwell123 20:19 20 Sep 2012

Thanks lotvic,will give it a try,i have got my pc backed up on an external drive using acronis,so here goes.

  cromwell123 20:23 20 Sep 2012

Thanks rdave13,for your information,i will have to boot from cd,as i have to go into my computer to access the dvd drive.

  rdave13 21:41 20 Sep 2012

You do not access your optical drive within Windows. You access your drive via Bios or tapping the F8 key. Insert the 64-bit disc in your DVD player on the PC. Press the SHIFT key to stop it booting. Reboot the computer and keep tapping the F8 key. You might be lucky and come to a screen with a temporary first boot list. Select the CD drive and press OK. If that fails then shut down again and reboot again tapping the DELETE key, in bios select the DVD/CD drive as first boot. Save and exit. The PC will reboot and the option to press any key to boot from CD drive will show. Press any key.

  rdave13 21:51 20 Sep 2012

If that seems too complicated then try a custom install using your 64-bit disc, click here

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