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How do I install drivers correctly?

  Michael Hunter 03:25 11 Apr 2018

I was advised by Dell to reinstall Windows 7 - it was their contention that Windows 10 conflicted with my model of computer and had caused the motherboard to fail - and apparently at first installation was successful. A Dell representative talked me through the installation and guided me to install some drivers to ensure functionality. These were - the wireless card (Dell Wireless WLAN 1501 Half mini-card driver), the intel chipset (Intel HM57 Express Chip driver), the dell quickset application and and the realtek RTL8103T Ethernet Controller. After a few minutes performance seemed very poor and the Dell rep. would not afford any more time and left me to it. Although all these drivers have been downloaded and i have clicked on their 'setup' options it does not appear clear if they have even been installed properly. Device manager shows some entries under 'properties' that fit close descriptions of these drivers but I cannot be sure if they were pre-existing or are just device manager's simpler descriptions'. That said, I would assume that the wireless card and the ethernet controller are installed since I can connect to the internet and the ethernet cable functions if the wireless feature on my computer is turned off - although the 'hotkeys' do not function as are they are supposed to when quickset is installed properly - maybe someone can advise me regards this.

Moreover, I have since found that the drivers are supposed to be installed in a particulalr order to ensure best performance, and as mentioned, the performance is quite poor. I should add nevertheless it has improved considerably once I went and installed windows updates - could it be that incorrect order of installation is affecting performance(opinion as I have encountered it so far seems divided on this)

Further to this, I have gone to the Dell website and used one of their applications to search my computer and recommend drivers to install. It found one of them was the chipset driver the dell guy was supposed to install, Am I right in thinking that the Intel chipset driver must be already installed so that the motherboard, and thus my laptop are working?.. Notwithstanding this the intel chipset will apparently unzip and then install but no matter how many times I restart to complete the process the dell website application identifies that it needs installing. Regards the others I have tried installing the audio and ata drivers but my system identifies the video as being 'old' compared to my current one (opinion on this which I have already canvassed is that I should just skip installing it if this is the case...further opinion though would be welcome) Any advice on how to tackle all of this as well as tips on how to tackle the performance issue without having to go through a complete reinstallation of Windows 7 as well as pay money and/or make major configuration changes to my system, would be much appreciated.

  christinebelle 05:25 13 Apr 2018

So many words. The device manager can only solve part of the basic drivers problem. So when this built-in tool can help you, you can fix it by yourself. I know Dell provide the automatic install tool, so you can follow the Dell official tool to download and update it. Of course, you can download the driver by yourself.

For downloading drivers, the first choice the the brand computer website, because all the drivers such as graphic driver, audio driver are customized. If you cannot find it on the brand computer site, try to go hardware device official site such as NVIDIA, Realtek website. You can get more details from here: click here

  Michael Hunter 01:38 15 Sep 2018

As to your suggestion to the Dell website and use their tool to identify which drivers need installing, as mentioned in my post I have already done this - the problem I have is that the Dell automatic install tool continually identifies that the chipset driver needs installing even after I have pressed the install button. What I'd like to know is how to identify firstly if I already have the correct chipset driver installed (do I assume since my computer is functioning generally ok [apart from performance - more on that later] that the one I have tried to install to begin with was the right one). Additionally, how do I identify definitively in device manager which if any of the drivers I tried to install to begin with have actually been installed so that I can delete them and begin the installation process again, and this time in the proper order (this time including audio and video drivers) SO THAT performance will not be affected (also I should add the hotkeys are not responding properly as they should with quickset being installed so I would assume that this too is a result of incorrect order of driver installation). Added to this is the problem that the drivers will automatically reinstall themselves even after I delete them in device manager after restarting. How do I delete them properly? Also once I am ready to reinstall all the drivers what IS the correct order of installation - opinion that has been canvassed so far on this is very divided.

The ultimate aim is to get the drivers reinstalled properly without having to do a complete reinstallation of Windows 7.

Thanks in advance for any answers.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:28 15 Sep 2018

Never had much problem installing drivers in any order.

Usually Chipset drivers fist (gets the Ethernet working so you can then download other drivers) followed by graphics drivers.

Performance is probably affected by all the useless crap tools install by Dell (other companies do the same HP Samsung etc.)

What model number is your machine? how much memory does it have? how much fre space is on the drive?

  philipmorgan 18:33 15 Sep 2018

Installing the driver is not that hard as it looks like. If you have downloaded the driver file then extract it and right click on the driver file to install. You have to go to the device manager and update the driver software and browse your driver file. Dell bios update windows 10 is there to help if you are using it on Windows 10.

  Govan1x 08:59 17 Sep 2018

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  wee eddie 15:22 03 Oct 2018

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