How do I increase print size.

  rnsa 20:42 22 Jul 2012

If I now print a report from a newspaper the print is so small I cannot read it. How do I change the print to make my copy readable please? rnsa

  Nontek 21:35 22 Jul 2012

Before printing it, try moving mouse wheel forward or backward to increase print size. You might need to hold down the Ctrl key while scrolling the mouse wheel.

  AroundAgain 11:26 23 Jul 2012

If you go to File, Print Preview, you can change the print size.

'Shrink to Fit' is usually a good one to go for

Hope this helps you

  Teaboy 17:41 23 Jul 2012

Do a right click in the window you wish to print. Select print preview. select the size you wish to use, the click the print icon in the preview window (if you use any other print icon in any other window the size will revert to "fit to size" and drive you up the wall.

  lotvic 00:35 25 Jul 2012

Well, I don't know about the OP - rnsa, but I can't understand the instructions in the posts. They seem to be nonsense. None of them work, some are not possible to do let alone get the desired result.

rnsa, is this:

1 from a paper newspaper you have scanned in and saved as a picture,

2 from a paper newspaper you are trying to copy and enlarge directly from your printer scanner

3 a newspaper report from a webpage, (you are trying to print from a webpage)

If it is number 3, from a webpage, then highlight the Text you want on the webpage and rightclick and copy and paste into Notepad (to remove formatting). Select the text and change the font size.

or if you have Office Word choose 'Paste Special' -'Unformatted text' and change the font size.

  rnsa 20:22 25 Jul 2012

nontek/around again/teaboyand Iotvic

Thank you all for your interest in my problem,and your helpful suggestioms. I have not as yet had time to try any of them as yet. rnsa

  rnsa 20:27 25 Jul 2012

IOTVIC, Thank you for your help. What I am trying to do,is to view and print various reports from several newspapers accessed from The British Newspapers Archives. I have tried to copy and paste,but I cannot even highlight the passages I wish to copy. Can you help further please

  Woolwell 12:50 27 Jul 2012

From their FAQ's "To print or download a newspaper page image, click the 'Print' or 'Download' button shown at the top of the viewer window. Please note that the image will be draft quality."

  lotvic 15:04 27 Jul 2012

Do as Woolwell says and download the image (you will now have a picture of the newspaper page) you won't be able to select text.

What picture editing software do you have on your pc? You will have to select the part of the picture that contains the report you want and copy that and make a new image of just that part and save it with a file name.

Then you can print the new picture using print settings to enlarge it to fit on an A4 page.

OR You may find it easier to resize in Word if you have MS Office, as then you can insert the new picture and then drag diagonally by grabbing one corner (to keep proportions)

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