Ajsimpson 21:09 25 Dec 2016

I recently (2days ago) brought a second hand desktop tower from a car boot, everything is fine and works great, apart from when I put my windows 7 disc in to try and put a clean fresh installation of windows 7 on a box pops up asking for administrator username and password? For changes to be made to the computer

I've been told that most windows admin usernames and passwords are by default

username:- admin

Password:- just press enter key leaving box blank.

This isn't working and it's now starting to get on my nerves, all I want to do is install a fresh copy but can't due to this admin problem,

Any help on this issue would be great because sadly I can't return it to the seller And can't contact him for help because I brought at a car boot.

Like I say any help on this would be brilliant



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:25 25 Dec 2016

Assumming you can grt in normally do you have admin privileges?

if so go into accounts an change the administrator account password there.

  Ajsimpson 21:38 25 Dec 2016

I can get on to the desktop / home screen

but do not have the admin privileges to do a full and complete clean installation.

  BRYNIT 22:44 25 Dec 2016

If you have a Windows 7 installation disk and the activation number can you not just format the hard drive and then do a clean install of Windows 7.

  Ajsimpson 21:41 26 Dec 2016

BRYNIT , I have a brought copy of windows 7 with activation code already to install. It's the fact that I can't do a fresh installation of it on this pc because of admin username and password, like I say doesn't matter what disc I put in wether it be xp or windows 7 a box pops up asking for admin username and password,

I'm getting to the point now we're im thinking of cutting my loses and buying again:-( ,

But still holding out in the hope there's a solution out there??

Thanks for reply

  Burn-it 21:48 26 Dec 2016

Can you get into the BIOS?

Make the CD the first boot device.

  BRYNIT 22:35 26 Dec 2016

Usually booting from a Windows installation disk should allow you to format the hard drive and do a clean install unless the password not on the hard drive but bios related.

You could have a read of this CLICK HERE. You could remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer which should allow you to format the drive. You could buy another hard drive to try and install windows 7 onto.

  lotvic 01:01 27 Dec 2016

like I say doesn't matter what disc I put in wether it be xp or windows 7 a box pops up asking for admin username and password

You need to get it to boot into your install disc.

With the pc up and running - Press and hold down the shift key on keyboard whilst you put the disc in and keep the the shift key pressed down until DVD drive light goes out (this will stop the pc from trying to start the dvd disc)

Close down and switch off the pc (leaving the dvd disc in the drive)

Switch on and boot up and it should boot from the dvd disc. (you may get a quick message telling you to 'press any key to boot from cd' if so tap the space bar. If you get the message and are not quick enough to tap 'any key' and it boots up into the existing Windows 7 on hard drive, shut down and restart and then continually tap the space bar about twice a second whilst it is starting up.

  lotvic 01:11 27 Dec 2016

Here are some install guides complete with screenshots click here

You can also still get the free upgrade to Windows 10 if you tick the box for assistive technologies, details click here

  Ajsimpson 09:06 27 Dec 2016

Ok brilliant I will give both of these a try tomorrow when I get home, I appreciate the help and advise you all are proving me in trying to resolve this nightmare of an issue. So thank you and will get back tomorrow with the results,

  Jollyjohn 16:05 27 Dec 2016

If no success with above try click here Burn to a cd (or usb) and boot from it. It is text based and need s careful reading but the option you are looking for is "Clear admin password" You may need to run it a couple of times to point it at the correct partition on the hard drive but it will clear the admin password and allow you to re install Windows.

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