How do I get OneDrive to sync with a file on my PC

  ChrisAnnSen 21:14 12 Apr 2015

I want to use OneDrive as a backup of vital files from my Win 8.1 pc (mainly Excel files). I can copy files to OneDrive but when I make a change on the pc version it doesn't automatically update.

I know I can copy it again but I thought it should sync and automatically update but I can't get this to happen. Have I got the wrong idea about OneDrive?

  Pine Man 08:07 13 Apr 2015

OneDrive is just a plain storage facility and, as far as I'm aware, has no means of synchronisation.

  ChrisAnnSen 08:26 13 Apr 2015

Thanks Pine Man - at least I now know why I can't get it to happen. ;)

  alanrwood 20:46 13 Apr 2015

One drive should sync as soon as you open Onedrive provided you have selected the folders you wish to keep synced in the Onedrive settings.

  robin_x 22:22 13 Apr 2015

There' a Troubleshooter and various sync problems described here

If you can't get to the bottom of it, consider Dropbox and Google Drive

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