How do i expand memory in window 8.1 where it allows only 20GB for partitioning?

  karanmulage 13:51 16 May 2015

Help me sort out this problem. I got a HP laptop with Windows 8.1 OS, to do the partition it allows me only 20GB for shrinking volume. Please tell me how to solve this problem......!

  robin_x 15:01 16 May 2015

Do you see something like this?

Mine (W10) is saying I could have the full 50% free-space if I wanted to.

Maybe you have some unmovable files blocking the upper sectors and need a defrag first

In any event, Disk Management has a mind of its own sometimes and is not very good even when it does work

Have a go with MiniTool Partition Wizard Free

If you explain a bit more what you are trying to do, we can offer extra advice


Note that messing with partitions carries some risk. Make sure you are fully backed up.

  northumbria61 10:55 24 May 2015

Good advice from robin_x especially regarding doing a full backup first - and I would agree - use Mini Tool Partition Wizard Free

  alanrwood 11:04 24 May 2015

Sometime you are not able to shrink a volume if the volume being shrunk has a file with a fixed location towards the end of the partition. Sometimes it is possible to shrink this only using boot up defrag then trying to partition.

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