How do I download Windows 8 without having to pay again.

  csmith1000 22:54 21 Jan 2013

I upgraded my system to Windows 8 but then after various problems had to restore my machine to Windows 7. I can't find a way to reinstall Windows 8 without ordering and paying another £25. I have my activation key but didn't get back up software and can't find a W8 download file in my downloads.

  Forum Editor 23:36 21 Jan 2013

When you say that you had to restore your computer to Windows 7, do you mean that you used the system restore media that came with your computer?

If you previously upgraded the machine using the activation key you may find that a new installation using the method linked to by Jock1e will fail to activate because the activation server already has a record of the previous installation. It's certainly worth a try though.

  rdave13 04:47 22 Jan 2013

This is the method I chose,

You can either install directly or create an iso file to burn to DVD.

  csmith1000 21:10 22 Jan 2013

Thanks everyone for the advice. Biggest problem being that when things go wrong there seems to be a multiplying effect. Yes I restored from my system media. I thought I backed up all my documents including the outlook files. Only I can't find my outlook files hence no email from Microsoft. So struggle with the link from RDave13. I do have my W8 activation key. I don't have a link to download Windows 8 setup file, anybody know what this?

  Forum Editor 23:44 22 Jan 2013
  csmith1000 11:36 23 Jan 2013

Thanks for that but final blow it won't recognise my product key which I copied and pasted into a word document. No matter how I enter it it remains greyed out. Am I heading for another £25.00 now?

  Billy999 17:09 25 Jan 2013

I have a similar query. I installed windows 8 last week but my HDD has now died. I have the activation key.

Will my windows not get activated again?

Don't tell me!

What can I do..Please Help!

  csmith1000 23:41 26 Jan 2013

Thanks everyone for your advice but must give credit to MS, my searches lead me eventually to their phone help line. They very quickly with just my email address found my order details and gave me everything I needed to reinstall W8 without paying anything else.

  csmith1000 23:47 26 Jan 2013

Billy999 Ring microsoft help line 08448002400 select option 5 which is basically none of the above. They found my order details from my email address, asked the usual security questions and gave me a web link to get back to the W8 upgrade page. All done in 10 minutes. Hope they help you as I know how dramatic hard drive failure is.

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