how do i create new laptop recovery disc

  ballyboy 17:41 27 Dec 2015

hi 2 new laptops delivered by santa but minus the recovery discs,when i raised this point with our local store pc world i was told that they don't supply them free anymore you have to buy them,but what happens if it all goes petetong and i loose everything ie all the operating system,i was met with a little smile and a price for 2 recovery discs one for each question is can just create my own and will all the activation codes be present as there is nothing inside the box or on the laptop.thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:50 27 Dec 2015

Make and model, operating system?

sometimes there is a one off option to create recovery DVDs in the start menu.

Macriun Reflect (free edition) will create images of the drive anytime you like I do one once the machine is set up then one fortnightly (more if work done I can't afford to lose)

If window 10, you can create a recovery partition( but that's no good if the drive fails and you need to replace the whole drive).

  RV510 21:41 27 Dec 2015

There is normally within the start menu if you click on 'all programmes' or from an icon on your start screen a 'system recovery', this will instruct you in how to create recovery discs, also there should be a section on creating recovery discs in the manufacturers online user manual for the model of PC as said. As far as I am aware recovery discs have not been supplied with PC's for at least the last 15 years.

  Devil Fish 00:04 28 Dec 2015

Usually the laptop will come with a manufacturers software suite to create a recovery disk.also most laptops will have a hidden recovery partition which can be activated by key stroke during boot process.However i would go personally with Fruit Bat /\0/\'s reply clean out the junk you don't want then create an image of the drives with Macriun,meaning if you do have to reinstall you don't have to reinstall all the junk that the vendor adds as well just the bits you have kept

  Bailifei 09:24 31 Dec 2015

I'd also suggest to create a bootable disc with backup software. So you can not only restore the system, but also everything on the hard drive. Popular freeware are Easeus todo backup free, Paragon backup&recovery free, and Macrium reflect as mentioned above.

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