how detect virus in windows with cmd

  can_cworld 15:09 26 Oct 2013

help me guys. how in find virus with cmd?

  tullie 17:26 26 Oct 2013

What virus program have you installed?

  lotvic 18:47 26 Oct 2013

can_cworld, if only it were that simple... unfortunately it isn't so you need an antivirus security program. Please give us more details, such as what antivirus and anti malware security programs you have installed.

Firstly, do you know the name of the virus? and what are the symptoms that lead you to believe you have a virus on your W7 pc? It could be malware, spyware, adware, root kit worm etc which require different programs to detect and remove it/them (you might have more than one).

  can_cworld 08:31 27 Oct 2013

i have installed eset securety. yes i know name of virus like shortcut

when i insert flashdrive into the computer immediately appear shortcut virus in my files and when my friend insert flasdish again appear shortcut virus how to find it and remove?

  lotvic 16:43 27 Oct 2013

Righto, now I understand better. Use Autorun Exterminator click here before you do the cmd, attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:*.* (assuming g is the pen drive)

haven't been able to login all day to post reply (pca site maintenance) sigh.

  can_cworld 08:56 29 Oct 2013

thanks for the solutions i was typing atrib -h -r -s /s /d g:. this is for remove shortcut virus from flashdisk but there is shortcut virus laptop ? i will remove it.

  lotvic 21:11 29 Oct 2013

The attrib string you were putting in the command line is to reset the attributes of the flashdisk so the files were accessible again (no longer hidden), here is the list of the parameters (-h -r -s /s /d etc) and what they do click here

  can_cworld 17:16 01 Nov 2013

how remove virus shortcut from system windows 7 and D?

  lotvic 18:38 01 Nov 2013

Did you d/load and run "AutorunExterminator"

have you unhidden the folders?

have you run malwarebytes?

If so and you now just need to unhide the folders on other drives, put the relevant drive letter in the Attrib each time. If you have a lot of different drive letters there is a .bat file you can run to automate the unhide click here

Post back if still got questions/problems

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