How to convert wmv to avi files on Windows7?

  BonyK 15:36 30 Mar 2010

I'm new here and also on Windows 7. My problem is that I can't find a good and reliable tool to convert my wmv to avi file as I've been searching a lot for an app which works on Win 7. I know that there are many of those tools but unfortunately none of them could do the job for me. Could you please recommend to me some names of software which can convert flvs to avi, easy to use and of course Windows 7 supported.
I'll will take into consideration any reply and I'll try all of tools you will recommend, unless I've already tried them before.

  Lee.C 08:06 01 Apr 2010
  rdave13 10:29 01 Apr 2010

Another good one is Prism; click here

  Eargasm 20:59 01 Apr 2010

Format Factory works a treat on my W7 64 Bit

click here

  jimv7 15:28 03 Apr 2010

Any Video Converter click here

  Technocrate 11:54 05 Apr 2010

Download "Free WMV to AVI Converter".
Install it by opening Windows Explorer, Go to the folder where the downloaded file has saved and double-click on it.
Open the application and press "Add" button.
Select the WMV files you want to convert from the menu that appears.
Click the "Convert" button to start the conversion process. When complete, test the new file to check that it converted successfully.

  Ranveery 11:36 09 Apr 2010

Have you tried super converter? I'm using it but I don't use Win7, so I don't know if it works on Win 7 too, but on XP it works pretty nice. The speed isn't so high but for a free converter which can convert pretty many audio and video files...
You should try it for yourself and I hope that it will convert your files properly.

  Technocrate 08:22 13 Apr 2010

• 1 Get your .wmv file.
• 2 Download Windows Movie Maker: MovieMaker. Microsoft Windows XP and Vista come with MovieMaker. Check you system before you download the software.
• 3 Open your file with Windows Movie Maker.
•You may have to import the .wmv file rather than try to open it with MovieMaker.
• 4 Drag it to the timeline (a feature in the software).
• 5 On the left pane, under "3. Finish Movie," select "Save to my computer."
• 6 Click Next
•A dialogue box should pop up. (This does not happen with Version 5.1)
• 7 In other settings, choose DV-AVI.
• 8 Wait for Windows Movie Maker to finish converting the movie.
• 9 You now have converted your .wmv file to .avi.

For More Information and help related to windows 7 issues click here

  BonyK 12:14 13 Apr 2010

Hello back, thank you very much for your recommendations, guys, but I have to decide which one works better. As a sum-up, I have tried some of those tools and unfortunately not all of them worked, some of them don't work on Win7, some didn't convert my wmv to avi properly so I gave up. The ones which worked pretty well were Format Factory and Super, but they are very, very slow. And for all my videos I guess I'll need ages to convert all of them to avi. :)
Thanks again and I'm still looking for another app which can convert wmv to avi without any problem.

  john bunyan 21:43 13 Apr 2010

I have Roxio Creator 2010 - paid for and compatible with W7 64 bit. I use it for music, but it has many conversion features. Suggest you have a look at the tech spec.

  Ranveery 11:21 14 Apr 2010

Well, if none of those suggestions worked for you, I googled a little bit for you and found many tools which can convert wmv to avi, have you used google lately. Anyway, try with Tunebite Converter, I saw it's an universal converter, so it could convert your wmv to avi or xilisoft, or handbrake. There are many other solutions, I didn't try them, I found them on google....

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