How to change the OS from XP to Windows 7

  ponytail 09:51 11 Nov 2017

My wife has a small notepad which is hardly used as she just keeps it as a spare.The OS is xp and I would like to try and clean it up.The model number I believe is a Samsung N130 have just checked the memory which says used 25.2gb free 45.8 gb capacity 71.0gb which does not seem much.I would like to install Windows 7 and wondered if the following is the correct procedure.Transfer everything onto a portable drive and then my wife can plug that into her laptop and delete what she does not want.When that is done will I need to format the drive so it is completely cleanbefore installing windows 7.Have just been reading the following. click here wondered is it possible to increase the amount of memory.Any advice appreciated


  ponytail 10:08 11 Nov 2017

Have just found the following on Google click here if I copy and paste everything onto a portable drive can I then follow these instructions and then add whatever my wife would like to keep once windows 7 is installed.


  Forum Editor 12:19 11 Nov 2017

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  Jollyjohn 12:32 11 Nov 2017

The "memory" you refer to is the Hard Drive - an 80GB drive. This would cope with W7 but the RAM - Random Access Memory - in this notebook is only 1GB, (DDR2 from the specs) upgrade to 2GB is possible.

I would not attempt to install W7 on anything less than 4GB otherwise it will run like a spider moving through warm molasses!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:58 11 Nov 2017

Had win 7 on a compaq laptop with 2G RAM it was awful. Win 10 copes better with low memory.

But in your case it's not worth paying to put win 7 on it.

  mole44 05:03 17 Nov 2017

My question is why,if it ain't broke why fix it,just save your data as a safeguard

  ponytail 16:40 22 Nov 2017

Thank's for all the replies and think I will forget about as it was just a idea.

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