How to Change Name of Documents Folder in Windows 8.1 upgrade

  wdrspens 18:56 12 May 2014

Somehow I managed to change the name of the Documents folder in Windows 8.1 upgrade to "OldDocuments". I do not know how but want to change it back to "Documents". Can any one tell me how to do it. I have tried right clicking on the folder, but there is no option to change the name or rename. I have tried changing it in its Properties, but again there is no option to do so, so far as I can discover. I am now at my wits end and would appreciate being told how to change its name. David

  tullie 21:32 12 May 2014

if you go to properties then location,can you change it in there?

  tullie 21:44 12 May 2014

Or if you find the location of the file there is a tab that says Rename.

  wdrspens 11:24 13 May 2014

Thanks tullie for the suggestions. I can rename the file in its location, and it is now showing as Documents. It worked. Many thanks, David

  tullie 13:43 13 May 2014

Thanks for letting us know.

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