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How Can i share a link at tech advisor

  akash 06:02 21 Nov 2019

Hello everyone can anyone guide me that if i want to share an information with a link can i do this. if yes then what will be the requirements for that?

  mrgrumpy 11:23 21 Nov 2019

Hello akash , First a mild warning to stop you getting into trouble with the forum editors , you must not plug ( spam ) a product on here unless you are doing it to help somebody with a question that you know the answer to.

If you want to put a websites information in a post this is how to do it. The link below is for amazons home page , note to others , I am not advertising a product I am just giving an example of how a link works You go to a website then right click to copy the address , come back to your text box here and choose paste.

Note when YOU paste the site into your text box you will see the full address but others will only see it as a "click here" icon.

It is also possible to copy and paste any item from you pc that you might want others to read. See the example below.

Whenever I answer a question I type it into word and save it in case I want to use the same answer for somebody else and then I don’t have to keep retyping it.

  mrgrumpy 11:26 21 Nov 2019

something went wrong the click here did not show but you should be able to figure out what to di from my answer

  lotvic 20:14 24 Nov 2019

Forum rules. click here

Commercial use – You may not use our forum threads to solicit for trade, to offer goods or services for sale, or to advertise a business. It is permissible to post links to commercial websites in the course of providing advice and/or help to other forum users, or in our Web design forum when inviting other users to appraise and comment on your own site.

Spam – Using our forum facilities to send spam to other members or for publishing spam messages in threads is forbidden, and may result in termination of your registration without prior warning.

Contact Forum Editor email to: [email protected]

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