How Can I Recover my data ?

  #AliH 17:52 04 Aug 2015

I was installing windows 8-32 bit- On my Laptop which I had downloaded with torrent. During the installation after I had formatted the desired drive when I selected the drive to have the windows on an error popped up which told me that " We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one". After I'd googled about it I Found a solution which should be enforced in the command prompt to clear the disk, but I accidently cleared the whole SSD. Now on the windows I have only one drive and all my private files which was stored on it is gone. What I need you guys to help me with is : 1- How can I Transmute this partition to several ones and have two drives again ?? 2-Is there any chance to recover my files? I should mention that I've used a tool named "Easeus Data Recovery" which recovered more than 1TB of file which was on my laptop for long time ago But it couldn't find the files in the other drive. I'm a newbie in this case so please help me out. Those file were important to me. I appreciate your answers ,Thank You :) .

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