How can CryptOlOcker virus be removed from PC?

  Levant 13:11 26 Oct 2015

Hello. I need someone's help or advise. I do not know how to remove Cryprtolocker virus from my PC. All my files ( fotos and word docs ) are encrypted now. I can not open them. The message informs me, that I have to pay money now. If I do not do it, I will lose my files. I wanted to install antivirus-tool from click here but it must be paied. I do not belive in such tools. Are there any free of charge tools, which can help me to remove this virus? Maybe there is another opportunity to solve this problem? Thanks

  chub_tor 15:10 26 Oct 2015

Crypto locker is a very bad virus and getting rid of the virus itself is relatively straightforward Click Here for one free method using Malwarebytes BUT recovering the encrypted files is the tricky part. Read to the end of the link for one possible way. If you have backed up your data on a separate drive or partition you can recover them from there.

  mole1944 06:02 27 Oct 2015

Oh dear oh dear,your data should be on a separate drive you should also now take the opportunity when you get back to normal to clone your drive so in future it's just a matter of a drive swap.The times i hear of problems like this "All your eggs in one basket" come to mind.I had a call the other day from a friend at 0300 about "cryptolocker" ransomeware,not well pleased,went over and replaced her cloned drive,then re cloned to the infected drive.

  StromanSEO 15:26 02 Nov 2015

Maybe this can help: click here

  bumpkin 22:52 02 Nov 2015

A bit too late but for future install this click here or better still make backups

  mole1944 06:09 03 Nov 2015

I clone to two drives alternately cleaning out rubbish from the drives,so i always have a backup to backup so to speak. In between i use clickfree for my music (81,700 tracks all legal), i work on the belt and braces principal and a drive swap takes 5 minuets,reinstalling a tad longer plus you've lost your data never to return.

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