Hotmail email now showing as a conversation thread

  Kuromi 10:03 21 Jan 2018

Ok, so I’ve got an unusual one - or at least it’s unusual for me because I’ve not come across it before.

I have added my partners email address to my iPhone email app (with his consent) and one of his emails is showing in his inbox as the senders name and my name next to each other. I opened it and there’s not only the senders email but loads I’ve sent him, all showing as a convo thread. Why is this and does that mean that the sender can now see all of our emails too?

The only thing I can think of is the sender has a habit of using these tracking apps to check if he’s opening his emails (yes, stalker much), so now I’m concerned incase she has just received a load of our emails.

I’ve checked the sent folder in every mailbox on my phone to ensure nothing has gone out and all looks normal.

I’ve also logged in via safari and checked and the email looks normal there, but in the app it’s got my name next to it with the little blue arrow which normally indicates it’s been responded to or forwarded.

I’m worried now incase I’ve just somehow sent her 30 personal emails.

Anyone come across this before?

  Kuromi 10:19 21 Jan 2018

Ok - so I calmed down a bit & had an idea - the emails that were linked had the same subject title. I googled it and apparently there is an iPhone setting which groups emails together based on subject assuming they are all one thread.

Unselected this option and voila - everything back to normal.

I now need a stiff drink and a lie down to recover.

Hoping this helps someone else

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