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  wrg 19:18 17 Feb 2009

Evening all.

Can anybody please advise on the following. I recently purchased a new computer. I have a router that has an external HDD attached to it. For some reason I cannot get the computer to see this HDD over the network. I have a laptop that can. I have tried everything to get the computer to see the HDD. Someone has suggested using a hosts file to map the drive. I have found the hosts file (eventually) and have entered the IP address HDD. I still cannot see the HDD. I know the network is functioning ok as I can see my laptop. Can anyone please help.



  mazuk 08:17 18 Feb 2009

At first i thought this could be related to your router blocking the network HDD but your laptop can see it which suggests this isn't the case. It must be a local setting to your desktop that is blocking it out otherwise it wouldn't be visible at all.

  wrg 09:51 18 Feb 2009


Thanks for your reply. I think I tend to agree with. I can ping the IP address of the HDD. When I try to map the HDD I get 2 errors. First is where I just enter the name of the HDD, I get an error message along the lines of cannot find name if I enter \\******** I get an error message inavlid network address. When googleing I could find info about the first error. I had to check the "allow routing and remote something or other". After that I am now baffeled.

  mazuk 08:36 19 Feb 2009

Hmm, the fact that you can ping it shows that there is definetly data being sent back and forth between your pc and the hdd which is a good start as there is some form of communication however we are still left with not physically being able to view it over the network nor map it....i presume you have your pc accesible on the network? if not this could be it.

  wrg 09:35 19 Feb 2009

Hi mazuk.

I am assuming I have the network set up correctly. If I am on my laptop I can see and access the other compuer and from the other computer I can see and access my laptop. One thing did happen last night & has before in that when I booted up my laptop the external HDD was not showing, whereas it was the night before. Not sure if this is a red herring or not, but on the other computer there are 5 users of which only one is the administrator, not sure if the administrator has to be logged on in order for the laptop to see the external HDD, but that does not solve the problem of the other computer not seeing it.

  T0SH 16:34 19 Feb 2009

I am assuming this external hard drive is classed as Network Attached Storage if so then I think the procedure for mapping the drive to other network machines is very different to the easy process of mapping an internal drive from another network machine

Try searching Goggle for "NAS how to map a drive" should get you lots of reading

Cheers HC

  T0SH 17:46 19 Feb 2009

Try downloading this sitecom utility from this direct download link

click here

From memory it is called "easy find" or words very close to that there is no install involved just run it on the PC that can`t find the NAS drive it should help you to get it mapped

Cheers HC

  wrg 15:09 20 Feb 2009


Thanks for your reply. Googled as suggested but could not fix it. I did download via your link but could not see "easy find" and the files that downloaded I could not run.

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