Horizontal Laptop Display

  tonerye 15:14 01 Sep 2014

I switched on my laptop (running Windows 8) today and found that the display was horizontal instead of vertical.

Has anyone encounted this problem ? and how do I correct it ?

I have never seen anything like it.


  northumbria61 15:19 01 Sep 2014

Go to Control Panel-Display-Change Display Settings (L/h side of screen) - Orientation-Change to Portrait- click OK

  northumbria61 15:22 01 Sep 2014

OR - you could click on a blank part of your desktop and choose Personalization.

  tonerye 15:28 01 Sep 2014

Great thank you that worked. However I had to change it to Landscape

  northumbria61 15:37 01 Sep 2014

Thanks for the feedback tonerye

  tonerye 20:10 01 Sep 2014

Thanks everyone. It has now been solved.

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