High memory used by pc without any programme

  Sreemanta Mitra 06:42 29 May 2017

Hi, My pc (office desktop) has win 10 and the RAM is 8Gb. It was working fine until when I noticed that it is using 6.2 Gb of the memory without any application running. It takes huge time, almost half an hour, to start up and yet not working, left me with a black screen. Please advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:16 29 May 2017
  1. have you got everything backed up? If no do so!

  2. try a RESET - Start - settings - update and security - recovery - reset.

  3. you can choose the option of resetting and keeping your data or resetting and starting from fresh (hence the reason to back up your data first.

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