Hide folder when drive is pulled from computer

  cawright1 17:59 19 Apr 2017

Hi all. I need to hide a folder. I'm aware of all the tips andapps to hide a folder from within windows (10), but, Im working on the hypothetical that someone takes my C drive out of my machine. Assume they would be able to see all the folders on there - if they are tech savvy. So, is there anyway to ensure a folder can not be seen even in that situation, or is it all a pointless exercise?

  Archonar 18:08 19 Apr 2017

I don't think there is a way to ensure that it is "hidden" outside of windows 10, since the data is still "physically" there. It is windows that is hiding the folder rather than the data actually being hidden.

Have you considered using drive encryption software so that if someone does pull the C drive out the data on it is completely useless to them?

  Forum Editor 19:05 19 Apr 2017

Why would someone want to remove the drive in the first place?

  cawright1 19:29 19 Apr 2017

Nothing sinsister at all. Just getting on a bit, and say I kicked the bucket, and my PC ended up at the tip. I have a folder on there with lots of personal info on etc. So, whilst they wouldnt access it from windows, someone may take out the disk and see whats on it. Hence my question. As for encrypting the whole disk. Was hopeing to avoid that.

  wee eddie 20:04 19 Apr 2017

The details that you seek to hide are those that your Executors will need to wrap up your affairs.

Hiding something in plain sight is probably your best bet

  Forum Editor 22:46 19 Apr 2017

" say I kicked the bucket, and my PC ended up at the tip.I have a folder on there with lots of personal info on etc."

If you had kicked the bucket you wouldn't really be worried about anyone seeing your personal details, would you?

If you are really worried about this, why don't you transfer said folder to a USB stick and keep that in a safe place?

  Burn-it 00:31 20 Apr 2017

You cannot HIDE any data on a hard disk. You can only overwrite it with something else and even then, unless it is done many times over, data can still be recovered (expensively)

  Procrastinus 21:32 21 Apr 2017

As you say - a pointless exercise! Put your 'secret' folder onto an encrypted USB drive with VeraCrypt or some other encrypting software, and keep it in your underpants!

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