audio on toshiba laptop

  dave74 11:07 15 Jan 2013

I have a toshiba satellite pro u400-18s that is only giving any audio on rare occasions which will only be a faint tone.All volumes are up and no mutes are on.I have done a scan which told me I have 33 out of date drivers so I purchased an update which I started to install but my computer notified me it was the wrong one.The only way to stop it repeatedly trying to install things was to uninstall the program,i have since got a refund.The problem is without paying for driver updates again how can you tell whether it will make any difference and who can you trust to not be selling you something that is going to mess up the computer more and is only for there profit as there is a lot of 'help' out there but seemingly not for my benefit.any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

  northumbria61 20:54 15 Jan 2013

Doing a scan for "out of date" drivers will always throw up numerous results but you should only obtain driver updates from a reputable source and without payment, in your case Toshiba. You could try updating your Audio driver via Device Manager. Go to Start - type Device Manager - scroll down list to find Sound,Video & Game Controllers - Expand - right click on your Audio Device and choose Update Driver Software.

OR take a look here enter link description here

  dave74 12:13 16 Jan 2013

hi,thanks for your help,i've downloaded the sound driver from the toshiba site that you recommended which is on the list of downloads as a compressed file.Is it meant to go onto the computer as an installed program where the birdstep will prompt you to run program? Sorry if this is a stupid question but i'm learning as i stumble along.Thanks again for your patience and help.

  northumbria61 12:34 16 Jan 2013

If it is a compressed file you will have to right click and select ""extract all" and you should find a setup or .exe file in the list - OR update via Device Manager as per my last post. When you right click choose the option to "Browse my Computer for Driver Software" I am hoping this will be provide a solution.

  dave74 14:46 16 Jan 2013

hi again,thanks for all your help,i've done what you said and the computer has told me that the best driver for my device is already installed and i've checked by playing a music track whether anything has changed but no luck so maybe it means that it is something more physical and needs a repair if thats possible.The only thing is,is that it did make a faint tone a bit back when i selected an option on a list[i can't remember what]but there are no system tones or music[even though the sound graphics are displaying along with the song.Again any thoughts on this appreciated and thanks again for your help.

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