Help with windows problem (explorer.exe)

  johny k 21:23 19 Jun 2018

hello members, lately i’m having a problem on my network, pc’s stop their explorer.exe without any error message or prior notice and seconds before that eset nod32 blocks the url (newscommer) but after a computer scan with antivirus i can’t find anything at all. all pc’s affected have windows7 installed, xp / win10 / win server machines are not affected. i updated windows 7 to latest version and the problem was almost gone exept some pcs. FYI: the problem occurs on all pcs at the same time. and at a 1 to 2 hour frequency. (cloudnet was found and removed from some of the pcs) thank you for reading and for helping.

  Govan1x 23:41 19 Jun 2018

newscommer is a redirector so maybe run adw cleaner to see if that removes it.

  johny k 05:50 20 Jun 2018

adware cleaner didn't do the job :(

  Govan1x 10:04 20 Jun 2018

it seems a bit complicated to remove. None of the big security companys are giving a fix for it. And a lot of what is left look a bit iffy so i would think twice about installing removal tools from them.

I am not on here that often now so with a bit of luck one of the others may come up with a fix for you.

if you have it on all your computers it may well be more difficult to fix.

Have a look in all programs and if on there remove it. Also go into registry and if you find it on there remove it.

It is a Browser hijacker so I would have thought that ADW Cleaner would have found and removed it.

Maybe try Malwarebytes but as ADW. Cleaner is part of that the chances would be limited.

One I used to use to use and it was very good was HitmanPro you get a 30 day trial of that.

if that does not work I can only think that maybe it is a corrupt host file.

it gives you somethings to try till someone else can give you the information that you need.

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