Help... strange Pc Power problems

  KevinFairweather 08:15 02 Dec 2014

Hi there, I am currently experiencing a strange issue so ill try explain it the best i can........ My pc runs fine all day then ill either turn it of at night or leave it to hibernate but when i come back to it in the morning it looks like no power is getting to it, no lights or anything is on, ill push power button and after a few mins of moving PC around or pushing power button several times it will suddenly just boot and run fine all day. This morning though i left to to hibernate i woke up to a bios failure. Does this sound like a failing motherboard. My psu is a corsair 750w and is only 5 months old, bearing in mind when the PC is on i can game for hours on end with no issues.............Any help will be much appreciated.


  lotvic 15:09 02 Dec 2014

It may be just a power setting that needs to be altered. Hibernate, Sleep, Switch on, Switch off, and which devices trigger those settings (mouse, inactivity, wake on lan, etc etc.)

Are you still able to boot up into Windows? is it Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 ?

Please tell us what the present Power Settings are in the BIOS and also in Windows.

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