Help scan Epson XP352 3 in 1 printer

  TN 17:24 08 Feb 2019

I have bought an Epson XP352 3 in 1 printer and installed it OK. I am runninbg Windows 10 Home. There is no problem printing from my desktop PC via WiFi (LAN) to the printer. However when I try to Scan anything the printer only gives me the option of using USB connection. I have reinstalled the Printer completely and although it has checked for updated drivers o during installation I have downloaded the newest scan drivers still with no success. Any help would be appreciated but please keep it simple Thank you for reading

  TN 15:26 10 Feb 2019

Thank you MJS Warlord - I had already checked the Epson forum with no result showing on it. I downloaded the manual (163 pages of it!!) and there is nothing at all on the Scanning section to point me in the right direction -nothing showing in troubleshooting either. I sent an email to Epson yesterday and await their reply. To-day I connected the printer via USB cable and the scanning works perfectly! Cannot understand why it doesn't work through my home WiFi

  TN 17:02 10 Feb 2019

The problem really is that I can do all my printing through my WiFi with no trouble. I was easily able to scan on my last Epson through the Wifi and cannot work out why this one is not working. If Epson cannot help (or tell me that I have to use the USB) to scan I'll return the printer and buy the same one as I had before. The home Wifi is excellent and reaches all over the house for Streaming through TV, Sky Catch Up etc so SHOULD reach to next room to scan!

  Secret-Squirrel 18:04 10 Feb 2019

..............the printer only gives me the option of using USB connection.

Is that message displayed on the printer's screen? If it is then have you tried to initiate the scan from your PC instead? There should be an "Epson Scan" icon on your Desktop.

If you do want to be able to start scanning from the printer then on your PC, head over to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Status -> Sharing Options. Make sure that "Network Discovery" is on. If you make any changes then you'll need to logoff then log back in again for the change to take effect.

  TN 08:48 11 Feb 2019

Hi Secret Squirrel - I was trying to run the scan from my desktop shortcut but I was given a page on my screen which just has a space with ADD showing - As I wanted to scan a photo on the plate in the printer I tried entering Picture but when I clicked Enter the page disappeared. I then looked at the screen on the printer where Use USB was showing as the only selection. Patiently waiting for an Epson reply today.

  lotvic 13:24 11 Feb 2019

By default Epson Scan is set to scan via a USB cable, and will present an error if Epson Scan is opened and a scanner is connected via a network or Wi-Fi connection.

The following article explains how to change the settings in Epson Scan to allow scanning via a network or Wi-Fi connection. faq click here

  lotvic 13:49 11 Feb 2019

As a relatively newbie yourself, Ta for vetting my link MJS WARLORD.

I'll return the favour: weary = extreme tiredness whereas wary = cautious.

  TN 15:35 11 Feb 2019

Hello Lorvic and everyone else - followed the instructions on the Epson Web page which has worked perfectly using Windows 8 compatibility!! I could not find that web page when I was searching initially. I cannot express my gratitude to you all for the help you've given me. I really appreciate it.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:15 11 Feb 2019

TN, good to see you got it fixed :)

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