Help with restore problem (I'm a twonk)

  Kev.Ifty 11:13 11 Sep 2012

I have (had) 4 accounts on my PC. my Son's account some how ended up with a Trojan or Virus that AVG could not remove. The recommendtion was to load AVG Resuce CD. Wich I did. During loading, scandisk came up and I pressed the power botton on the computer thinking it had missed the AVG boot up installtion. I now cannot boot up.... The PC just keeps coming up with "Windows is starting up" then resets. The only options I have now are restore from back up and restore to Factory settings. Restore from back up has'nt worked. I've selected the Factory option...... So now I have no photo's or files etc.. Please point me the the right direction to be able to recover my pictures etc. Thanks!

  daxian 12:11 11 Sep 2012

hi .... if you reset to factory then there is no way to recover files . this wipes all info and installs the o/s back to how it came from the factory.

  Kev.Ifty 17:18 11 Sep 2012

Thanks jamieamunra. Just running o&o at the min.... With fingers and toes crossed. Thank you for your help so far.

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