HELP! Put old drive in new computer

  hemanshub 18:53 02 Apr 2017

I put my drive in a new computer which didnt work and then put it back in my old computer. Now I cant use many things at all and I have a custom software in it so need urgent help.

Edge, chrome and pdfs etc dont work. Keep on getting "The remote procedure call failed" issue

Urgently need help as this is my business PC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 02 Apr 2017

I put my drive in a new computer which didnt work

That's because the drivers installed are for the old PC not the new one.

Try this for a start

Type Services into the start menu search box.

In Services, scroll down to "Remote Procedure Call" and make sure the status says "Started"

and set to Automatic.

The second "RPC Locator" should be set to "Manual".

Also give us a few more details as to which op system win 10 I assume?

  Burn-it 22:09 02 Apr 2017

Your business machine? You have a back up surely??

  hemanshub 04:35 03 Apr 2017

No back up and the Services thing doesn't work

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:19 03 Apr 2017
  1. untick if not cured or no one will look at the thread

  2. give us some details about the machine and operating system.

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