ThomasCadell 16:12 09 Dec 2014

Hi, I've not long purchased a brand new laptop. Worked absolutely fine for a few weeks then one day the keyboard just stopped working. The on screen keyboard works fine, but its a pain in the ass having to constantly click on each letter one at a time! Mouse is fine. The laptop is useless to me without a working keyboard and I don't want to have to plug one in. This laptop is brand new remember. The model is Acer Aspire A1 Series, model number: Z5WE1. It has an official WINDOWS 8.1 installed on it. Can someone please help me?! The keyboard kind of works.. if I press a letter, for example E, it'll come up with 8 or C. And half the other keys don't respond. I have been searching for an answer for AGES! I've tried all sorts of answers like pressing FN and F6, or FN and F7.. the list goes on and nothing has worked. HELP WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

  wee eddie 17:48 09 Dec 2014

Get in touch with the people you bought it from, not the manufacturer.

Assuming no one has spilt liquid on it, they should repair or replace, depending upon how long you've actually had it.

  ThomasCadell 18:02 09 Dec 2014

I can't send this back as my 1 month has expired. It's not their problem. There's a fault in the keyboard. Many people have had the same problem but with many different computers and laptops, and different versions of Windows. There is a way around this, but I can't seem to find one for Windows 8/or/8.1 on an Acer laptop. The keyboard produces numbers instead of letters, everything is mixed up whenever I try to type. My laptop is set to English, United Kingdom. The region which I am in. I have also tried American.. other language, no different.

  ThomasCadell 18:05 09 Dec 2014

Also no liquid has been spilt, mint condition laptop, always kept in case and only used by me- (a few times until the keyboard messed up!) I am now back on my old laptop.. if you're wondering.

  onthelimit1 18:18 09 Dec 2014

A brand new laptop - where does 'one month' come into the equation? This sort of problem should be fixed or replaced during at least a year.

  john bunyan 18:38 09 Dec 2014

Are you in the UK? Here you are covered by the Sale of goods act and if it is less than 6 months the retailer has to replace or refund. See:

UK Sale of Goods

If you are not in UK you need to check on your local statuary rights

  ThomasCadell 19:08 09 Dec 2014

I am in the UK yes. I have tried all sorts of languages, still no hope. I have tried holding all FN + F1,F2,F3... and so on, no hope. :(

  ThomasCadell 19:10 09 Dec 2014

I know the new Windows 8 and 8.1 have had problems and a lot have complained but have resolved them.. any experts out there that can help? Or have had the same keyboard problem?

  john bunyan 21:11 09 Dec 2014

Have you tried contacting Acer themselves. All new laptops come with a 1 year warranty.

Your seller is responsible if there is an inherent fault and they, not you have to prove it is not inherent - in the first few months so please write a formal letter of rejection to your seller rejecting the "goods" for being of unsatisfactory quality. It is for your seller to go to Acer,

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