Help needed to go back to Windows 7

  Migwell 15:46 11 Oct 2015

I downloaded Win 10 on the day it came out and had a quick look then put my old laptop away. Which l had not looked at until yesterday, I feel that I will never be able to be happy with that version and want to go back to Win 7. The reason I have not looked at it since then is I have just moved over to a iMac and got used to it straight away, and that is after starting on the computer road with Win 3.

I have looked for Old Windows in the list of directories but it is not there where it was before when I put Win 10 on it. Where I turn now please

  Paulius55 16:24 17 Oct 2015

The option to revert back to Win 7 only lasts for 1 month.

  Govan1x 17:51 17 Oct 2015

Click on file explorer in the taskbar to open it. On the left scroll down to C Drive. Expand it and Windows old should be at the bottom of that.

Or if you have back to factory settings on your laptop use that.

  Migwell 20:17 17 Oct 2015

Thanks for your reply. As you say it was over a month since I downloaded Win 10, and the win old file has gone. At that point I just got my Win 7 disk out and started again. Thank goodness I managed to to get back to Win 7. I felt it was rather confusing, after being so used to Win 7 and never venturing into Win 8 or 8.1. I could not find a way of having control panel with all their icons on display the way I always had. Thanks again.

  rdave13 20:39 17 Oct 2015

Strange as Win 10 has a start list just like 7. A bit more colourful but the same non the less.

  rdave13 20:43 17 Oct 2015

Control panel is the same and if you click on View by and select Large icons it is still the same as Windows 7. In fact Windows 10 is more like Windows 7 than Windows 8,8.1 was.

  Bailifei 09:40 19 Oct 2015

Totally agree with the above two. Win 10 is just as easy-to-use as Win 7. Never using Win 8, I directly upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10. Didn't feel that different. But, anyway, you got your own opinions. It's good for you to go back to Win 7.

  Govan1x 11:41 19 Oct 2015

I must live in a different world W8 and W10 is nothing like W7 maybe add in all programs then you could maybe see the likeness.

Apart from that they are totally different. W10 is better than W8 and that would not be hard. But I really do not think you could compare them as being or nearly the same as W7.

Never mind the free upgrade to W10 why not give everyone the option of a free downgrade to W7. it would be interesting to see how many would go for that.

  Migwell 14:42 19 Oct 2015

Exactly, Well said. I am glad to be rid as I didn't like even the graphics of it and I am pleased to be either leaving Win 7 on my laptop for emergencies, and being with the MAC. Good bye to windows for my everyday computer work while at home and using my home cloud for my files.

  qwnfqwetvc 04:03 20 Oct 2015

it is a little difficult. you may need to contact with Microsoft.

  rdave13 01:00 22 Oct 2015

Migwell, be honest, you didn't give it a try. Shame really as it's the best OS Microsoft has produced yet in my very humble opinion.

Govan1x you do seem to live in a different world if you don't care to see the similarities between Win 7 and Win 10.

Anyway - there's more choice today and if you moan and groan on Microsoft's efforts then simply change your OS.

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