help me connect new win7 laptop wirelessly

  mco 20:16 29 Dec 2009

Hi there - please help -so frustrated! Son got brand new toshiba laptop and we can't connect it to our BT homenetwork hub - it finds the signal perfectly, recognises the router by name but when we enter the key it simply won't connect. We've had the router work with several different laptops XP and vista over the last few years -and a guest over Christmas connected with a win7 laptop no problem -just found our signal, typed in the key and fine. Am I missing something because it's win 7 and I've no experience of this or is the laptop at fault? We tried the usual switching on/off wifi/router/laptop/firewall etc -but all to no avail. Thanks

  User-1229748 21:01 29 Dec 2009

is it windows 7 64 bit trying to connect to a router with wep security?

  mco 00:04 30 Dec 2009

well I presume it is - but then, we had a similar brand new win7 laptop connect to it fine a week or so ago so I don't understand why this one won't

  User-1229748 00:10 30 Dec 2009

can you post the make and model of router,the laptops wireless card and whether the windows 7 is 32 bit or 64 bit and what security is being used on the router and then the more clever peeps will be able to advise you i'm sure :o)

  Simsy 12:49 31 Dec 2009

Do you have "Access control", or something similarly named, turned on in the router? I had this turned on in my router, and had forgotten...

Basically it restricts router access to specified "netword card", (including wirelss), MAC numbers.

If it is turned on, and the mac number of the wireless isn't on the list you would get the symptoms you describe.

(However... it wouldn't describe how the previous laptop WAS able to connect.... unless the access control feature has been turned on in the meantime!)

Sorry if this doesn't help!



  mco 17:58 31 Dec 2009

Thanks for all the suggestions - in the end, it turns out the laptop itself was faulty -or at least,when we took it back the guy couldn't connect to their own wifi and let us swap for a different model which connected with no problem to exaclty the same setup - sorted :)

  Technocrate 08:16 21 Apr 2010

The wireless built-in utility in windows 7 is almost the same as on Windows Vista – it only has a few differences. if you notice, on windows vista the start menu has an option “Connect to”
Windows 7 does that have this option, so you will need to go to the control panel in order to access the wireless management tool.

that’s the network and Internet applet in control panel in Windows 7. from here you can configure wireless networks, or the LAN TCP/IP settings. if you click on the applet it will bring the the options for the configuration:

from the window above if you click on Connect to a network option it will bring the wireless access points currently available around you:

from here you can connect to any wireless access point you have access to it. if the wireless is security-enable it will ask for the security key:
and that’s all you basically have to do to connect to your wireless access point.

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