Help.... I've renamed Headings in Windows by accident?!

  georgehaliday 06:29 14 Nov 2012

Hi everyone....

Somehow, while installing my new router and setting up homegroups, etc., I have somehow managed to rename the words "Wireless Connections" in the box that pops up when you click on the little internet bars in the taskbar at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

To make matters worse... LOL... I went into 'regedit' and searched for the name I changed it to, found a couple of files and changed it back......... (i dont know much, but i know that i know just enough to really screw things up badly if left alone)

anyhow, changing those words in the registry files didn't help matters any.... I still see the name I somehow customized.

Can anyone tell me how to change back to the words "wireless connections" ???

thanks a bunch.


  difarn 07:40 14 Nov 2012

Have you tried right-clicking on the network icon in the task bar (bottom right), going into Open Network and Sharing Centre, click on View your active networks, click on the icon, not the network name, there should be a box to change the name and the icon. Is this what you mean?

  georgehaliday 08:38 14 Nov 2012

Valiant effort.... but not quite what I was looking for........

The change occured when i was setting up a new router........ and a number of different network setting from here and there....

You know when you click on those little internet bars at the bottom, and you can see all of the available wireless networks? well, the title at the top of them used to be "wireless connections"........ well, it's not anymore.... and i would like to change it back...... wish i knew how i did it in the first place......

could it be the name of a workgroup? i dunno....... it's gonna take somebody that knows more than me to figure it out....

thank you, gh

  georgehaliday 08:40 14 Nov 2012

just had a thought...... might it be a dll file, or an ini file?

just have to figure out which one it might be......LOL

ive even done a search of all the files and contents in 'C' with the name text that i would like to get rid of......

btw.... the reason i want to change the name back is because it is similar to my network name......

thank you,


  difarn 09:32 14 Nov 2012

I think that you will have to go into your router settings, possibly something like channel/SSID depending upon your router. To do this you will have to connect your pc via ethernet to maintain a connection. There you should see the name you have given to the wireless connection and you should be able to change this. This will mean of course that you will have to establish a new wireless connection between your pc and the router.

If you haven't been into your router settings it is usually typed into the URL bar - this takes you to an admin page. If you have not changed the user name/password then it could be admin/admin or admin/password.

This article may help.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

  Nontek 09:42 14 Nov 2012

A possible solution might be to do a System Restore back to before your caused the changes - if this means re-setting your router, so be it, you appear to know what you are doing in that respect.

Or, in other words, do a System Restore back to before you made any changes, including router settings, then start again from scratch!

Good luck.

  georgehaliday 14:54 14 Nov 2012

Thanks guys for the great ideas........

a-my ssid has a completely different name, and there is nothing else in there that is name related

b-system restore is probably what i have to do, but i'm trying to avoid that........ if nothing else comes up, will end up doing that this weekend, and will let you know how it turns out

thank you again, this is a great forum

gh (from canada, btw)

  rdave13 15:40 14 Nov 2012

This might help, title changer though I haven't tried it.

  georgehaliday 18:02 14 Nov 2012

can't do system restore.........

if you can believe it, had this laptop for two years, never turned it on once.........

should be a big "L" on my forehead........ loser

thanks guys........

anything else?


  difarn 18:38 14 Nov 2012

Have you tried deleting the wireless networks on the list of those available and starting again?

Click Start and select Control Panel.

  1. Open Network and Sharing Center.

  2. Click Manage Wireless Networks.

  3. Remove all wireless network listed in this list.

  4. Restart computer and reconnect to your wireless network.

  georgehaliday 05:04 15 Nov 2012

Wow, you came close Dr. Yes, but no go...... it's not my network name i need to change..... thank you for trying.....

my problem, put in the simplest terms possible, is below.

ok...... you know how you click those little bars in your task bar and a window opens up showing all of your network connections......?

well, in that window........ there are headings............ "Dial Up and VPN" or "Wireless Connections" ....... and all of the available connections are listed under those headings.........

...and let's say i wanted to change the words.... "Dial Up and VPN"
or i wanted to change the words "Wireless Connections"......

how would l do that?

(my whole problem is that I changed the words "Wireless Connections", and I don't know how to change them back!!!)

thank you Dr. Yes,


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