Help with information please re transferring os.

  rickf 16:55 16 Jun 2019

Hi I am about to receive an i7 pc with wins 10 this week. Will an image/copy on ssd using acronis of the os from my i5 work on this i7 pc? Thanks

  rickf 22:45 16 Jun 2019


  Govan1x 22:56 16 Jun 2019

Probably not if it was installed on another computer Different system and drivers etc.

Now i am only guessing this would be the case. So hold on till you get conformation one way or another from someone else.

Just interested is it for the same version of windows. Like I said only guessing.

  rickf 08:33 17 Jun 2019

Both wins 10. One from an i5 pc and one an i7 pc. Anyway, the only way to find out is to try it.

  geoff96 09:06 17 Jun 2019

Straight answer. No.

The best you could do is wipe all drivers off the operating system (ssd), create new image and try to boot in safe mode.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:03 17 Jun 2019


different motherboard and drivers plus the win 10 on the i5 is not registered for the i7 machine.

  john bunyan 10:46 17 Jun 2019

No (see FB comment) Copy the data you need on the old PC to a USB HD or memory stick; install other programmes you want on the new PC then copy the data from the USB media to the new PC.

  rickf 14:53 17 Jun 2019

JB, that's what I have decided to do. Will copy the OS from the i7 pc to SSD using Acronis, replacing the HD in there and then proceed from there.

  john bunyan 15:24 17 Jun 2019

I would use the OS that is already on the 7i , not try to use Acronis for OS as FB says. Use original discs or downloads for other programs and only bring in DATA from old machine. I can’t see a role for Acronis

  Flat Earther 16:07 17 Jun 2019

Acronis Universal Restore is designed for this purpose, haven't tried it myself though.

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