Help I have a Printer Problem.

  Veronica5458 00:19 16 Aug 2014

When I try to Print, my Laptop says "Only prints apps" Why? I've set up my default printer.... Can anyone help me?

  [DELETED] 01:56 16 Aug 2014

Could you provide a little more information? Which version of Windows and the make and model of the printer. I'd guess the printer is an HP. What is it that you are trying to print?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:25 16 Aug 2014

May be something here can help

  Veronica5458 05:55 17 Aug 2014

Thank you for responding to my request.......

I have windows 8.1 and printer HP Deskjet 2275. I'm trying to print an important Document from Outlook in email.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:31 17 Aug 2014

"The Mail App team simply haven't provided a straightforward printing function in the App for printing out an email. For years, we have been able to print out the "current page" or a range of pages in a multi-page document, email, web site or other printable material in the traditional Windows printing subsystem. That ability is also present in the new Windows 8 printing system - but, unlike the Reader App team and the IE11 team for example, the Mail App team has chosen not to use it. That strikes me as being needlessly limiting."

from here

Looks like you will need to save the document as a word, pdf or text doc and open it with the appropriate program and print from there.

I use Live mail in windows 8.1 and can print ok.

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  Woolwell 11:06 17 Aug 2014

"Print from Outlook" - Which Outlook? or Outlook the email program?

  Veronica5458 02:49 18 Aug 2014

Outlook Email.........

  alanrwood 09:04 18 Aug 2014

Outlook is either a program installed on your computer (usually part of the MS Office suite) or is the same name for the MS online web based system. I would guess that it is the latter as you are using Win 8 but just a confirmation would help to prevent going off on an irrelevant track.

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