Help in deciding on a pc to play games on?

  ria1994 22:48 25 Dec 2014

I need something to be able to play the sims 4, farming simulator 2015 and spintyres on.

Any suggestions please preferably £500 or under

is this any good? Packard Bell OneTwo S3280A4

  ria1994 23:10 25 Dec 2014


  rdave13 00:41 26 Dec 2014

It's an Acer machine. I dislike 'all-in-one' types unless a notebook/laptop.

A £500 lappy would be better in my humble opinion. Toshiba, HP or Lenovo.

MSI out of price range.

Just my humble opinion though.

  ria1994 00:51 26 Dec 2014

Ive heard that laptops arnt really powerful enough to cope as gaming machines? wouldnt have to be an all in one its just one i found id comsider anything from all in one to just a tower or a laptop as long as it can run the games

  rdave13 01:17 26 Dec 2014

Best bet would be a tower only considering your price range. That means you already have a monitor, keyboard and mouse?

  martd7 14:34 26 Dec 2014

This is ok for the money

click here

  ria1994 15:13 26 Dec 2014

yes i have a monitor mouse keyboard

would this play the games?

click here

  ria1994 15:21 26 Dec 2014

would this play the games?

click here

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