Help with acer laptop

  paulcono 16:53 03 Nov 2007


I have an acer laptop..aspire 3680. Well today my son, had switched on on to boot, when it was booting his father told him to turn it off, so he did, by the on buttom on the laptop.
Anyway now, it won't boot, it brings up a blue screen which own't stay on long enough for me to read, and then is asking me to load the windows disc and restart your computer. then click repair your computer.
Please advise i don't hav a windows disc, were will i get one, or is there any other way i can repair without the disc?

  Newuser2 19:06 03 Nov 2007

I had something similar with a brand new Acer.
I removed the battery for a few minutes, I put the battery back in pressed the start button and all was OK. Hope this helps.

  anskyber 12:16 04 Nov 2007

I think Acer have a recovery partition in "all programs"

  crosstrainer 13:05 04 Nov 2007

As the computer boots will give access to the restore options...TAKE CARE not to delete your personal data....If in doubt, start in safe mode (F8 on bootup) and then backup from there prior to restoring.

  paulcono 08:12 05 Nov 2007


Crosstrainer...i press F2 on boot, then what do i do after that?

It will let me go to F2 but won't let me do anything boot on safemode or any of the other advanced options.

Please help.

  sweetnesse9 03:00 18 Aug 2009

hey i was wondering if anyone could help me.

Im having a problem with my acer laptop and i cant think of a way to fix it.
I was on my laptop and suddenly it froze and turned itself off. When i switched it back on the mouse pad was not working. I have put a usb mouse in and it works perfectly. Then when i tryed to press caps lock it freezes my keyboard. All the other buttons work. I have tryed system restore and it doesnt work.

Is this a virus?? Can anyone help me fix it please.

  crosstrainer 07:14 18 Aug 2009

You may have to go into your BIOS screen (normally F2 but watch the screen as the machine starts)

Once you are in, enable D2D recovery..BE careful, if you did not make the backup CD's / DVD's this function will restore the machine to factory default settings. You will lose all data that is personal to you, and the machine will revert to an "Out of the box" state.

If you can get anywhere near your own stuff...F* on startup, then back this up first.

  crosstrainer 07:15 18 Aug 2009

It's a little confusing if you use someone elses thread....Best to start your own...No offence, just makes life easier :))

  Audio~~Chip 12:49 18 Aug 2009

When starting the Laptop press the F11 Key, if its not that its close either the F9, F12 or F10

You will be offered to recover the Laptop to the original windows. Note Loose all your documents.

You may if lucky get the option to Repair.

If you want to recovery and clean install the windows it will ask for a password. it is a set of 5 or 6 Zeros

  Strawballs 22:28 20 Aug 2009

I had the same with my Aspire 5535 it was corrupt boot sector. downloaded Hitachi hard drive fitness checker and when burned to disc is bootable and put that in and booted from it, after checking came back with bad sector.

It offered to do repair which was done and all was fine again.

Warning the scan and repair takes a very long time.

  JULIAN80 19:26 20 Sep 2009

Hi I have a acer aspire one series,
everytime I try and switch it on only the green onlight illuminates, the laptop makes internal noises but the screen stays completely blank whether it`s running on battery or the mains.

Can anybody help?

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