ciara2011 11:49 15 Apr 2011


I have a HP A807.UK computer which is 6 years old. I treid to wipe the computer as it was going too slow but it crashed half way through.

Now when I turn on the computer it says 'Disk Boot Failure insert instalation disk'. The OS on my computer was Windows XP but I only have a windows 7 instalation disk so I put that in.

When i insert the disk, it says that windows is loading files and then it says starting windows but it then stops and goes to a screen which says 'Windows Boot Manager' and says 'Windows Failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might have been the case. To fix the problem: 1. insert your windows instalation disk 2. choose language 3. Click repair

status 0xc0000017 info an unexpected eroor occured. I then press enter to continue and it says: Choose an operating system to start or press tab to select a tool. Windows Setup (EMS Enabled) (However when I press this, it then shows the 'windows failed to start message again' The other options are 'press F8 to specify advanced options or tools windows memory diagnostic.

When I press f8 it says advanced options for windows setup Safe mode safe mode with networking enable boot logging etc etc I have tried each of these options and each time it goes to a screen saying that a specific driver or file is missing or corrupt. After looking on the internet for help, I have also tried changing my BIOS settings so that the cd rom is booted first then the floppy then the hardrive. However I dont know if the cd rom is actually booting becuase it does load then freezes but it doesnt give an option to press any key to boot from cd/dvd when i restart.

I also cant do system restore or system recovery as my computer wont let me. Also in the advanced options there is no repair option. So I was wondering what to do. Should I buy an XP instalation disk and if I do would this give me a repair option or would a recovery disk from HP work?

Any help would be much appreciated

  rdave13 01:44 16 Apr 2011

The error 0xc0000017 points to ram failure though I think possibly hard drive has too many bad sectors hence the slow PC performance. Do you know of any friend that can check your hard drive if you can remove it and place in an usb enclosure? Any hard drive manager software should then report any errors on it. If it can only be opened through ignoring errors then it would seem the drive is worn out. If no errors found then reformat it and replace in your PC and try installing Windows 7 again. It's the hdd or ram failing in my humble opinion.

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