Heart stopping moments - was I losing Windows 8?

  [DELETED] 22:21 29 Mar 2013

A panic tonight - but with a happy ending so far - but it made me very nervous. I turned on my W8 computer (HP Touchsmart with i5/6GB RAM/2TB HDD/ separate graphics card), and it started to give me a series of messages along the lines of "Preparing for first use - installing drivers - installing apps - almost there etc - all against an ever changing W8 series of backgrounds. In fact, exactly the same as it did (quite correctly) when I installed W8 three months ago. Then the screen went blank, and all that was visible was a mouse pointer that I could move. After an agonized wait, I shut the computer down by holding down the power button. It politely told me "Shutting down". I then turned it on again, and W8 loaded quickly and correctly with no delays or messages, and all programs, documents etc were exactly as I had left them yesterday. What happened - why did the computer give every indications that it was starting from scratch? As an aside, I downloaded quite a lot of W8 updates a couple of days ago, but had used the computer since then. Any thoughts - not sure my blood pressure can stand this again !! Thanks in anticipation.

  rdave13 13:54 30 Mar 2013

It could have been that your profile wasn't loading properly but did the second time. Hopefully it's a one off.

I would create a local admin account, call it something like maintenance, just as a backup, if anything goes wrong.

  [DELETED] 20:57 04 Apr 2013

rdave - been away for a while, and only just seen your reply - thanks for taking the trouble to respond. I'll try your suggestion, but also keep my fingers crossed that it was a one off glitch.

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