headphones do not mute speakers

  pollpott 18:52 01 Nov 2013

I have a desktop running Windows 8 and when I try to listen through headphones plugged into front of machine I can hear the sound through them but it also continues to play through the speakers. I have looked at the "sound" via control panel and via the sound icon on the bottom right of the screen but there is no reference to headphones in either, any suggestions?

  rdave13 19:35 01 Nov 2013

Remove the headphones. Right click the sound icon bottom right and select playback devices. With the playback properties window still open plug in your earphones and a new item should show up. It might show up as Speakers with grey information underneath. Click on it and make default. Should now disable your speakers.

  pollpott 13:30 02 Nov 2013

I tried this but when I plug in the headphones nothing appears in the dialog box, grey or otherwise. The options are 2 HDMI ports which are grey, speakers which is the default and 2 Realtek digital outputs, one of which is Optical. Both of the last 2 are selectable but I don't know what they are.

  rdave13 15:52 02 Nov 2013

It looks as it won't disconnect the speakers. You'll have to switch off the speakers when you want to listen to the headphones. With the digital output you would need speakers with a digital to analogue converter.

  Batch 16:23 03 Nov 2013

This may be software controlled. My Realtek HD Audio Manager Software has an option "Device Advanced Settings". In there one select / deselect muting of the rear output device when something is plugged in to the front socket.

  pollpott 21:24 03 Nov 2013

Thanks, I have just looked again at the Realtek manager and there was a button for "AC97 front panel" which was selected then another for "HD audio front panel" as an alternative. I selected that and it recognised the headphone. I can now switch between headphone and speakers as required. Thanks for the help.

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