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Hdd and ssd boot up problems pls help

  Frozenchaos 17:59 20 Nov 2016

So i just bought a new samsung 850 evo 500 gb and i cloned it with my wd blue 1tb and now when i try to boot up from my ssd or hdd it takes me to a black screen with a white blinking line and if i try to boot up with windows boot manager it says that my device needs fixing so at this point iam desperate please help me

  robin_x 22:42 20 Nov 2016

What Windows are you running? Laptop or PC? How did you clone?

Stick the 1TB back in. Run Disk Management and copy a screenimage to Clipboard with PrintScreen (or Fn+PrintScreen or whatever.

Open Paint, Paste the clipboard image, Save As .jpg to Desktop

Upload to Copy and paste link here.

  robin_x 22:48 20 Nov 2016

Sorry, just saw the HDD not booting either. Have you tried a few times?

Please answer the other questions

On a working computer, make a DVD of Minitool Partition Wizard Bootable to see what is on SSD and HDD, or connect to working computer via USB adapter cable and again get screenshots for here.

Use mobile phone if necessary.

  BRYNIT 00:41 21 Nov 2016

Did you clone just the partition or the whole hard drive, if just the partition this could be why it will not boot.

Every time I have tried to clone a larger SATA drive to a smaller SSD drive the program has told me I have to migrate the SATA to the SSD this reduces the size of the drive/partitions to fit the smaller drive.

When you are trying to boot have you got both SATA and SSD drives installed? If the cloned ssd is set as first boot and has priority in the bios this may stop the OS on the other drive from booting. Try removing SSD drive and boot with just the SATA drive.

  Burn-it 01:06 23 Nov 2016

Did you do the clone from Within Windows running from the drive? If you did Windows does NOT do a proper clone since it tries to adjust drive letters in things like the registry and ini files. It also fails to copy some important files that it thinks will upset it - and as a result does when the original copy is no longer there. The safe way to do a clone is from an OS that is not booted from one of the drives involved such as a DVD as mentioned. I use an ancient version of Ghost from a bootable USB or CD not under Windows.

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