Having trouble opening htm files

  ClaudiaMThompson 14:13 08 Sep 2013


I just bought a brand new HP Pavillion computer about a week ago and it has Windows 8 installed on it.

Suddenly now, when I am trying to sort out my files in my folders with many of the .htm files it refuses to open them. I have to just end up trying to close it by right clicking and closing the window several times before it will finally close and the actual page never shows up at all.

I was also having troubles when suddenly I would click a desktop icon and it would just stay 'clicked'-looking. Normally, if I clicked back on the desktop it would stop having that "square" around the icon. Finally, I decided to just do the "Refresh Your PC" thing and put it back to its old settings from when I first got it.

Now it does this freezing up the .htm pages thing. I noticed when I tried to open a page with a simple Marquee heading that scrolls on it, that tried to freeze up.

Can anyone help me with this please? This computer should not be acting like this so soon. Its really disappointing to me.

  rdave13 20:54 08 Sep 2013

First thing to do on a Win 8 laptop is to burn your recovery discs or use a usb flash drive for your recovery to factory state program. If you haven't done your recovery to factory state (starting a again) then you need to do it now. Refreshing isn't a good option in my humble opinion as you lose all HP's programs but hopefully the restore to factory settings in the 'hidden' partition will still be available.

Reboot the lappy and keep tapping F11 key (not pressing) and you should get to the recovery manager screen. Follow instructions for what you need to do from there. If you successfuly restore to factory settings then create a recovery set of discs or flash usb recovery as soon as possible.

We can then look at your problem if it will still exist.

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