Having trouble with massive .MOV files

  babydollrox 11:20 25 Jul 2013

So I filmed a bunch of scenes on my Uni camera for my showreel - transferred the files to my laptop - they are .MOV files, and they are absolutely massive! In that, a 3 minute clip is almost 1GB in size - now that's no doubt because the quality is ridiculously high but it seems to be too high, that I can't actually use the files.

I can play the files in HQ on VLC Player - any other player and they either won't play at all, or I just get sound and either a black or white blank screen. I can't put the files in any movie editor to edit them.

I tried converting the files into every different format and every different screen resolution under the sun - can't convert without drastically losing video quality - makes them not good enough video quality for my showreel anyway.

I tried recording video and sound with a screen recorder whilst the files are playing in VLC player... epic fail. The video played blotchy twisted, rotated and in black and white - and the sound didn't match up. I think the file uses so much of the laptop's energy that it couldn't handle it.

I have Quicktime pro - which seems to be the only program to recognise the size of the files' actual screen resolution - I had to like change the view to half size just to be able to find the play button - but when it did play, I got sound only.

These files are massively important, and I don't have a camcorder myself, and I'm already graduated from Uni now so can't go back and record again - I desperately need to find a way of being able to edit these clips in high quality in Corel VideoStudio Pro, or even in WMM. I am seriously out of ideas - all suggestions welcome!

  babydollrox 17:09 30 Jul 2013

Any thoughts would be welcome?!

  wee eddie 17:24 30 Jul 2013

Your Lappy's Specification could be very relevant.

Please give?

  Number six 00:12 31 Jul 2013

It does sound as though your laptop is simply not powerful enough to play hi-def files, assuming of course that the files are not corrupted in some way. You say you have tried converting to other formats - I would persevere with this approach. Which programs and formats have you tried so far?

  babydollrox 08:19 03 Aug 2013

The specs are:

Toshiba Double Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz RAM: 8GB (7.89 GB useable) 64-bit operating system Windows 7 Service Pack 1

It's a good laptop, actually spent a little more on a double processor laptop purely so that I could edit videos and process large HD files, I'd be surprised if it was down to the laptop... I am wondering if the files are just better suited to an Apple Mac than a Windows OS

In terms of converting, using Any Video Converter, here's what I've tried: WMV: Reduced frame res (waaay down to 320x240, really poor resolution) AVI: 320x240 again MP4: 320x240 MPEG1: (I tried changing the frame res) now up to 720x480 - better, but still not nearly good enough quality MPEG2: 720x480 again

I tried cropping the video to a certain resolution in hopes that when converted it would be higher quality at the same resolution... but AVC crashed on that.

And I have also tried screen recording - this has been epically unsuccessful...

  Number six 22:34 03 Aug 2013

Might be worth giving this a try


It is one of the best, most stable free video transcoders out there.

  babydollrox 12:01 12 Aug 2013

This program has totally worked - thank you so much! It has kept the file in MP4, kept the file in it's original frame spec, and kept the quality, the only thing that has changed is the file size, which is much mroe manageable, and my movie editor accepts it and I can edit it - bring on showreel - thank you so much!

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