Like having an over anxious parent on the desktop!

  SteveWH 08:15 04 Mar 2007

I like Vista I am glad that I have it but it really does nag.

As I have said elsewhere I have turned off the constant bombardment of screens that ask me if I really want to change my clock, now One Care has joined the nag gang.

I have opted to be notified before installing windows updates, pretty simple I just want to know what is being done to my machine but the windows windows One Care icon has now turned a very angry read and periodically it warns me that I am at risk!

What am I at risk from not allowing the latest NVidea driver for my graphics card to be installed. I have installed it from the web but after it crashed twice I decided to go back to the last driver and wait for the next.

Is anyone else feeling henpecked?

  bennyhillslovechild 10:39 04 Mar 2007

I was - but I'm slowly getting used to it. I did struggle with the UAC at first, but I'm persevering. I do wish it had a learning function for trusted programs though. And I found trying to share my music and video folders on the network rather trying after XP's simple file sharing - but I can see where the extra security comes in handy. It's starting to grow on me now.

  Kate B 11:51 04 Mar 2007

You can turn UAC off.

  LastChip 13:32 04 Mar 2007

"You can turn UAC off."

Not a good idea!

The whole premise of Vista's security is based around UAC and while it's far from perfect, it is a major step in the right direction.

  anskyber 13:44 04 Mar 2007

bennyhillslovechild has summed up where I am with UAC.

It's always the case that the things which get noticed are the changes to what we are familiar with.

  PurplePenny 14:03 04 Mar 2007

I really *do* wish that it would learn though.

  Kate B 15:14 04 Mar 2007

Yes, I'd like it to learn - that would be helpful. LastChip, we survived many versions of Windows without UAC. I think it's a good thing and I've left it turned on; though to my knowledge I've never had a drive-by installation and I'm the only user of my machine. But if it really drives you nuts, turn it off!

  LastChip 16:07 04 Mar 2007

But the stakes are getting higher.

The bad guys are getting far more sophisticated in how they are high-jacking machines.

You will be aware, I'm not a great lover of Microsoft products, but I do concede they have made a huge effort to at least try and make Vista more secure than previous versions. That security is based very much around UAC and for that reason, I personally don't think it's good advice to say "turn it off".

  crosstrainer 17:17 04 Mar 2007

If I run adaware with UAC enabled, it fails to identify all process modules and running services. Scenario: Ran it this morning with UAC enabled : 11 running processes, 540 process modules, 12 objects detected and removed. With UAC disabled, 44 runing processess, 2043 modules, 60 objects identified and removed. It seems prudent to disable it in order to antispyware scan (Don't use defender...have PC-cillin's new baby) and for the antivirus stuff.. then re-enable....I have heard that MS are working on a fix for this...something along the lines of allowing the trusted progs. to access everything. The constant "Windows needs permission" message drives me nuts!

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