Have you downloaded the Release Candidate?

  Forum Editor 00:53 06 May 2009

If you have, how did the installation go - was it smoother than a smooth thing in a smooth shop, or did the installer start looping, and run through the process again? Several people seem to have experienced this problem.

  OTT_Buzzard 01:06 06 May 2009

Smoother than a mirror maker working in a grease shop

  BurrWalnut 08:00 06 May 2009

20 minutes to install, the same as the previous beta versions.

  Tazfan 09:56 06 May 2009

My 1st attempt at 7. About 20 mins for me too. No problems experienced at all. I was surprised about that considering the newest component on my system is 3 years old (a memory stick). Board, graphics, sound and processor are all 2004 vintage, but working strong. Only issue is I cant get any sound.
I never bothered with Vista, choosing to stay with XP. Im almost certain that the same will happen with 7.
The taskbar does not seem as useful and it soon gets clogged up and confusing.

I installed it on a separate partition so I still have my good old XP in tact.

  Arkaig 11:20 06 May 2009

Download of RC (32bit) took under 2 hrs for me and went without any problems. Intall was equally smooth onto a clean new HD, it took under 1/2 hr to install and it found all drivers for my system. All in all happy with things so far , and on testing my Apps have not encountered any problems (YET!)

  Stephanie 11:54 06 May 2009

My first try at installing failed as 7 RC said it could not read hard drive configuration. I temporarily disconnected an IDE drive I have which contains my music and it installed in about 20 min.

Reconnecting the drive caused no problems, and I had all my apps installed within 3 hours.

So far everything seems to be working.

  anskyber 16:18 06 May 2009

Smooth as silk

  FreeCell 16:44 06 May 2009

Downloaded and installed yesterday on top of Beta. No problems just needed to connect to internet using ethernet cable to download driver for my old wireless card.

Slight cosmetic changes to start-up screen and desktop options but no obvious problems. Action Center reporting issue with latest AVG 8.5 Free apparently but AVG running fine. Looks like an interface problem between the two.

I am using our 26 inch widescreen TV as a monitor and some windows seem too long meaning buttons are not visible at the bottom of the window.

Resolved previous problem with Nero Essentials and Lightscribe on Beta version by installing LightScribe System Software so Nero now recognises LightScribe device.

One outstanding problem is that I cannot get networked HP All-in-One software and drivers to recognise device and allow scanning (using Vista version). Windows 7 installed printer drivers without problem and without needing HP driver software.

  pa1916 21:02 06 May 2009

Took 45 mins no problems,
I wish Outlook Express would be reinstalled i don't like Live mail.

  powerless 21:14 06 May 2009

"was it smoother than a smooth thing in a smooth shop"

errr a what?


Yes it installed fine on my MacBook.

  Forum Editor 00:19 07 May 2009

have experienced no problems with the install. I have heard of a few who had the installer looping I mentioned earlier, but not many. Most of the people I've spoken to are - so far - very happy with Windows 7

I must say it's running nicely on three of my machines, and if all is well in a week or so I'll follow suit with all of them.

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