Have I killed my laptop?

  popgeoff 12:43 09 Aug 2008

Running Vista ultimate. Tried to boot up. Got message "unable to start properly".Suggested Start up Repair. Did that and it was OK the first time. Next time I booted up I got the same message but this time Start up Repair was unable to fix the problem. The only thing I have done recently is to consult Norton Live Chat with a problem. This involved their engineer remotely accessing my laptop. He seemed to have sorted my problem with Norton but could this have caused the boot up problem and have I been stupid? ( I don't have a back up disk or a Vista disk as it was pre installed. Help!Please!

  Forum Editor 13:16 09 Aug 2008

in safe mode?
(Press and hold the F8 key when you turn the computer on.)

  popgeoff 13:35 09 Aug 2008

Actually managed to get it booted up by choosing the option to start up normally instead of doing the start up repair, Hope it is ok next time I try.Also I was going to try to make a back up disk but it says that it will need something like 8 (eight!) DVD s. Would I be better of buying a USB external Hard Disk? I made a back up disk for may granddaughter's laptop and that only used one disc (Vista Home Premium)
As mine is Vista Ultimate does that account for the large number of DVD'z necessary?

  DippyGirl 14:40 09 Aug 2008

Size of backup will depend on what applications you have installed and how much data - Docs/Pics/Video/Music etc.
External Drive is probably an easier solution, and at £50-100 will be cheaper than using DVDs
.. though you may want to backup the really important data to DVD too in case you get very unlucky and lose both drives

  popgeoff 15:01 09 Aug 2008

Thanks DippyGirl. I will go to the shops!
By the way I am only able to log into my postings thru Internet Explorer, If I use Aol it doesn't work which I find annoying.

  crosstrainer 15:39 09 Aug 2008

8 or 9 DVD's is not uncommon for a lappy backup image. I would suggest that you do this first.

Then consider an external USB HDD used in conjunction with Acronis True Image or similar.

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