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Hardware connection problem in my Desktop

  Rachit kumar 08:56 23 Jan 2020

There is a problem with with my PC...The mouse and keyboard stop working after working for 1-2 minutes of starting the PC...Even when the Mouse and Keyboard are connected the PC doesn't shows any connection in the hardwares connected section...The mouse shows the light but when I drag it the pointer doesn't move(I have a USB mouse) Please help!!

  mrgrumpy 09:09 26 Jan 2020

A couple of things , have you tried using anything else in the same usb sockets to see if the sockets are faulty , do you have another keyboard and mouse you can try.

Have you had a power cut at any time , i had a power cut recently and my mother board is one that feeds a small amount of electricity to all usb sockets even when pc is off.. When the power went off and back on the lights on the keyboard started doing random pattern and when i turned pc on the keyboard would not work. I have to unplug the keyboard and restart the pc then plug it back in after restart.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:58 26 Jan 2020

Uninstall and reinstall the defective devices but you also need to remove entries from the registry the easiest way is to use the free Nirsoft program USBDeveiw

  Rachit kumar 06:58 28 Jan 2020

An info pops up when I open the PC it shows USB devices not recognised or has malfunctioned...What can i do to solve this ?

  Rachit kumar 07:03 28 Jan 2020

Also the Fan of the CPU makes an annoying sound when i start the PC and when the sound stops the USB devices like mouse and keyboard stop responding

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:09 28 Jan 2020

Laptop or desktop? Make and Model? Think first thing you are going to have to sort out is the CPU fan problem.

  Rachit kumar 11:13 30 Jan 2020

I have a desktop and how to solve the fan related problems?

  mrgrumpy 11:23 30 Jan 2020

Ok so now you have said you have a faulty fan this MIGHT be what is stopping your keyboard and mouse working properly. One of my custom built pc's has extra hardware checker screen built into it if it detects anything wrong it wont go to desktop.

Warm air inside the case had reshaped the side fan wire enough to move the connector on the motherboard to stop it working. With the pc turn off unplug the fan from the motherboard and re connect it , you never know !

  wee eddie 15:52 30 Jan 2020

Are you sure that the fan is blowing the correct way?

  mrgrumpy 16:20 30 Jan 2020

Hi Rachit , wee eddies question is not a stupid one although some people might think it is.

When I got my games rig I was convinced the front fan on my coolermaster haf x tower was the wrong way round , this was because I could feel a cold draught blowing on my hand.

It turned out that it was the shape of the fan blades that was causing the cold air "back draught"

The only way to test if the fan is the right way round is to rest a small piece of paper against the front of the fan , if it does NOT drop on the floor it is the right way round.

  wee eddie 17:21 30 Jan 2020

Fan Directions:

Case Fans: Draw in at the front. Expel air at the back.

CPU & GPU Fans: Draw air through the Heatsink Fins and up through the fan, taking the hot air away.

Be aware: Some GPUs, which have fans and heatsinks enclosed in a Case, can suffer from the Heatsink Fins being blocked with dust, invisible underneath the casing. Blowing air in the opposite direction to the fan's pull, sometimes works, otherwise it would be necessary to remove the casing

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