Hard drive too small for Vista?

  badgermansix 07:55 09 Sep 2014

Model PT800-8237 Chipset VIA PT800 (VT8754)

Can someone recommend a suitable internal hard drive for my friend who has now decided (at last) to upgrade to Vista Home from XP.

On attempting to upgrade she was advised that there is not enough space on her 32Gb Excelstore J680 HD, which is IDE.


  BRYNIT 08:04 09 Sep 2014

This tells you the minimum requirements for Vista CLICK HERE

  badgermansix 20:14 10 Sep 2014


Thank you for your response. My friends HD is 32gb, the Vista upgrade stopped installing and notified us that there was noit enough space.

What we would like to know is, can the motherboard take a SATA HD, or will it support any size IDE HD.

Thanks again. ;

  [DELETED] 23:26 10 Sep 2014

Difficult to tell if the motherboard can take SATA as the

Model PT800-8237 Chipset VIA PT800 (VT8754)

refers to the chipset of the motherboard. This chipset is used in many motherboards.

click here you could identify the make of the motherboard or if the computer has a make and model number, it would help.

As for IDE hard drive, with that chipset, anything up to an IDE 500Gb would work. If they go for one. Get one with the largest cache and fastest rotational speed for best results.


  wee eddie 03:57 11 Sep 2014

Some thoughts: Windows 7 has a smaller footprint than Vista.

It should be fairly easy, and cheap, to pick up a Second-hand Hard Drive of greater capacity than 32GB, as suggested by N7, a 500GB Drive off an old PC would not be too expensive.

As you are buying/installing, a replacement OS, the use of a replacement Hard Drive should not cause any serious problem.

Another thought: As you have all the other bits and pieces, you could buy a new, all singing, all dancing, W7/W8 Base Unit for under £250. All you need to do is to check compatibility of your peripherals with your chosen OS

  badgermansix 08:09 11 Sep 2014

Thank you all.

My friend is well into her seventies and cost is a major factor, hence the delay in moving from XP.

She has been given an unused upgrade to Vista.

She thinks a larger hd would be the best move as she does not have the need for much more.

Thank you all very much, she now has food for thought, and an answer to her problem.

  wee eddie 11:50 11 Sep 2014

I managed to avoid Vista: It may not a gift that is to her advantage, it has a notorious reputation for causing problems.

Better wait until others have given their opinion before installing it.

  [DELETED] 13:58 14 Sep 2014


If you were to get either a cheap or free hard drive, you could install this as a slave drive drive on your friends computer. This would give some benefits.

1) you could keep the XP operating system on the original drive as Vista would load on the slave drive. This depends on the type of upgrade disk.

2) The computer would have a dual boot system so the operater would have the choice to use either XP or Vista.

3) If Vista were not suitable, the extra hard drive could be used as storage.

4) Vice versa for the XP operating system. If it were no longer needed the XP hard drive could be used as sorage/ backup.

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