Hard Drive has died HELP! Can I recover the data?

  jecoul 14:21 15 Oct 2013

Ok so the other night my laptop came up with a message stating that there was a hard drive failure detected and to back up immediately. I did so but took hours and not sure it backed up properly as the largest file in the folder is only about 5 GB

Anyhow I have pulled the hard drive out the laptop and put it in an external hard drive enclosure. Unfortunately it is not being picked up or recognised. Are there any tools that I can download to retrieve the data or any other suggestions. I have alot of work on there that is important along with photos of my kids growing up.

Please please help.


  lotvic 14:28 15 Oct 2013

"Unfortunately it is not being picked up or recognised"

Is that in Windows Explorer? (will only show if a drive letter has been automatically assigned)

Have a look in Disk Management and see if it is recognised there but with no Drive Letter assigned. If it is there tell us what info there is about the drive.

  jecoul 14:46 15 Oct 2013

Ok cool I will give that a try. Obviously when it was in my old laptop it was the C: drive so would it not show up as that?

  alanrwood 16:23 15 Oct 2013

What have you actually done with the laptop and old drive. Are you connecting the enclosure to the laptop? the external drive will not show up as "C". How are you booting the laptop, have you installed another hard drive and reinstalled Windows.

  lotvic 17:21 15 Oct 2013

as alanrwood says an external drive will not show up as "C".

The internal harddrive that you boot from is always 'C' any other Drives or Partitions, or CD-R, DVD-R trays, or usb flash drives, or usb external hard drives in a caddy, will be given a different letter dependant on where you plug it in to.

If an extra drive has become corrupted this can cause Windows on C to recognise it but not be able to automatically give it a letter and show it in Windows Explorer.

Hopefully your drive is not mechanically broken and is still spinning up.

  richardjon 09:15 14 Jan 2014

Hello Jecoul,

I read your problem and the suggestion that suggesting by friends. As per my concern i simply suggest you to search recover software like “Quick Recovery for Windows Data Recover”. I suggesting you to try recovery software just because to ensure yourself that the is still in hard disk. If still data is their means your data surely can be recover if not then this will so difficult to recover them. For more detail -click here luck


  JerryAimee 15:58 14 Jan 2014

You can use UFUSoft Data Recovery, which can retrieves your lost videos, photos, music, documents, emails, etc. from your PC’s hard drive as well as from USB drives, external hard drives, mobile phones, digital cameras, iPods, MP3/MP4 players, and other storage media. Four unique recovery options guarantee to find everything you’re missing quickly and easily.

  oliverashlet 09:07 15 Jan 2014

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  xania 10:27 15 Jan 2014

Until your system actually sees the damaged drive and allocates a letter, no software that I know of can possibly retrieve any of the data. This type of software is only of use if you have deleted a file/folder/virtual drive and want to recover what you have deleted.

IMHO No software solution can work once the drive has failed. The problem is that the drive is probably not spinning due to a motor failure, or the platter have crashed due to a bearing spindle failure. In the former case, there are companies out there that can open the drive and retrieve your data (although they will never guarantee to get it all back); in the latter case, retrieval can be tried but is likely to be completely unsuccessful because the read/write head will have come into contact with the surface of the platter and wrecked whole swathes of space.

Data retrieval used to be extremely expensive, but seems to have come down in price quite a lot. click here is one of the cheapest I have seen doing a quick scan on the internet, but you will need to do your own research (type Data Retrieval into your favorite search engine)

  lotvic 18:51 15 Jan 2014

xania, don't waste your time, this is an old thread that has been dragged up by SPAM posters.

  alanrwood 12:00 17 Jan 2014

Completely agree with Scania. No drive recognised then not possible to access it to recover data without specialised equiupment.

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