Hard drive ghosting programs

  Georgeway 07:18 19 Aug 2014

I've got a windows xp computer that the hard drive is functional, making some noise. If I buy a new ssd that is about the same size, the same internal connections. install a "disc ghost program, can I get an adapter, hook the new ssd to the usb port, and get all of the windows and office programs placed or copied on the new ssd install the ssd in the laptop and expect it to work?

  johndrew 09:56 19 Aug 2014

Provided the existing drive is fully functional (has no corruption of data) you should be able to clone it and use it directly. The only proviso being that XP only allows a small number of changes in hardware before it requires re-registering; provided no other hardware changes have been made to the laptop there should be no problem.

information on cloning your drive can be found: here here or on this site

  lotvic 23:28 19 Aug 2014

I would stick to cloning to a new SATA 2.5" harddrive if that is the type of your existing XP harddrive. You could have problems getting the SSD recognised by the old motherboard bios.

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