Hard Drive Failure. Please Help!!

  MovieMan 23:04 03 Jul 2019

Hello everybody.

Recently my hard drive has been failing me. A few days ago, my pc began to run extremely slow. I turned it off with the button because it was too slow in shutting off on itself. I went to sleep but the next day I found my pc had trouble booting. It'd either get stuck on the loading screen or after loaded (and submitting password) it wouldn't respond to my mouse or keyboard. I've since learned about the priority USB slot at the back of my PC, and this made the computer recognize my keyboard again. I managed to somehow get it booted up and it started recognizing a mouse as well. Since I got a message on booting up that said "SMART Status: BAD", I decided it was best to put all my valuable information on an external hard drive as fast as I could. I copied all my pictures (thank God), but it got stuck again afterwards and I had to turn it off using the button again. I need to copy one more folder, but now I got me a bigger problem..

When I turn on the PC, it simply says "Hard disk reading error occured. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart." I can't get into my PC anymore!! Is it too late to save that last folder I need to recover? It's really important to me, it got a list of all the comic books I've ever read in my life, including summaries of them (more than 1000 summaries are in that folder)! I've tried fastening the wires that lead to my Hard Drive. It doesn't solve anything.

Please help! I have a Hiren's Boot CD if that helps. My further specs are:

Windows 7 Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 AMD 6300FX Toshiba Hard Drive 1TB ASRock Motherboard (I don't know the specifics for the hard drive and motherboard, but I can find them if it's important for the issue)

Please help! I really need these last couple files! Can I try to plug in my Hard Drive to another PC and make that PC boot from its own primary hard drive? Will I then be able to reach the folder? I'll be eternally grateful for a solution!!

  Govan1x 06:41 04 Jul 2019

Type, hard drive caddy on to the internet . This will show you caddies that you can put your hard drive into and plug it into an other computer and recover what you need.

2.5 for a laptop 3.5 for a desktop.

  grumpy old man 18:28 04 Jul 2019

hi movieman , govan1x is telling you the correct answer but I also have a tip for you. If you have trouble finding your folder I would advise you to run the free version of recuva , make sure you get it directly from the piriform site to avoid unwanted extras. it might direct you to a mirror site but that's ok.

When you run the program it is self explanatory , in your case you need it to scan the drive that govan1x has told you to put in the caddy. sometimes recuva does a few odd things , some of the things it finds may have funny names or a serial number but be patient and I can asure you that you will eventually find your lost items.

I used it to retrieve a deleted word file I forgot to back up. GL

  MovieMan 01:16 05 Jul 2019

Thanks guys! But what do I do with the caddy? I don't quite understand from what I found on the internet. I'm terrible at using google on my phone.. Could you please explain what I have to do with the caddy? Do I need another pc too? And can I just remove the Hard Drive from my own PC?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:26 05 Jul 2019

You fit the old hard drive into the caddy and connect it via USB to another PC /laptop.

However if the machine cannot read the drive then it is extremely likely your data is gone.

To get the old machine working you buy a new hard drive to replace the faulty one. You can download a copy of window seven from click here and install it on to the new drive.

I also recommend you use something like Macrium Reflect to make images of your drives to an external drive so you do not lose valuable dta in future

  MovieMan 11:49 05 Jul 2019

Thank you so much! I will buy a caddy and keep you updated!

  Govan1x 13:12 05 Jul 2019

W7. i suppose you could try Tapping F8 as the computer starts Just to see if it gets you into safe mode. Worth a try in case it works.

  MovieMan 15:50 29 Jul 2019

I bought a caddy. The HDD is inside and I can access the drive itself via a spare laptop. But the files I need to recover were on my Desktop (C/users/name/desktop). Only problem is: I can't get into the folder with my name on it!! It also says it contains 0 bytes. When I click it, I get a notification that I need Admin-status to visit the folder. I press 'continue' but then it just keeps loading and it doesn't get me into the folder. I KNOW the data is still on there despite it saying there's 0 bytes, because when I start to copy the entire folder, it calculates lots of GB of data and says it will take around 400h to copy it all. Problem again: I don't have enough space on the laptop to cover all these files and I wish there was a way to just get to the 7 notepad files I need........ Can someone help??

  MovieMan 17:07 29 Jul 2019

Guys I fixed it!! I managed to save my files! I copied the whole folder with my name on it to the laptop and during copying, the caddy broke down. I noticed windows was saying they couldn't find the files to copy anymore and I could either press 'skip' or 'retry.' Curiosity got the better of me and I started skippi ng through the files in hopes that I came across my notes. I did and was relieved that I at least had proof that they still existed. But then I turned on the caddy again and it started copying again, beginning with the notes since I left that window open!! Thanks Fruitbat, Grumpy Old Man and Govan!! You saved me a lot of re-reading!!

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