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Hard disk usage and failuire problem

  Zunnoor Master 14:35 06 Apr 2019

Hi! Recently after changing the casing of my cpu, i encountered a number of problems and the major one is that i removed one of my 2tb hard disk because it was making sounds and after tweaking it a bit, it got better but then not 100%. Now the one that is left is taking its usage up and down randomly touching 100% and then going to 80 then 100 then slowly to 0% again. Sometimes my pc suddenly shows black screen that shows my mobo info and then after restarting it goes normal again i need help at this point as this is taking down my pc's performance(the 100% disk usage problem that appears randomly and temporarily). Please guide me with solutions!!! (I have tried many methods to solve the disk usage problem but dont know anything about the apperance of black screen with motherboard information that makes me restart the pc)..

Thanks for support.

  lotvic 22:16 06 Apr 2019

Mine did similar before dying completely.

I suggest you buy new drives and move/copy your data files while still possible.

  wee eddie 22:52 06 Apr 2019

Backup, backup, backup, then sit back and think about it.

To me, an unreliable Hard Drive is not worth the stress. After all, they rarely cost more than Dinner for 2 with a decent bottle of wine

  x13 23:26 06 Apr 2019

Not sure what you mean of changing the casing of my cpu ? Could you explain further please. Doubt if two drives would gradually die at the same time.

Incorrect application of thermal paste would create various errors if you mean that you upgraded the CPU cooler.

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